Suicide on Facebook Live, is not Something to Laugh at

Some of you may now aware of the guy who hang himself on Facebook live. Pahingga Indrawan (36), an Indonesian father, hang himself this Friday, following an argument with his wife regarding infidelity. He died in front of his Facebook friends, and his video has been shared more than three thousand times before finally being taken down by Facebook.

His story is indeed sad, his reasoning for taking his own life is even sadder.

Suicide is never an easy subject to understand and has always become a taboo subject somehow. The number of death by suicide in Indonesia is still unclear. Back in 2010, WHO reported that around 5000 people per year committed suicide in Indonesia. Although I must mention that even at that time, WHO wasn’t completely confident about that data, because suicide cases has a tendency not to be reported.

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From Robbin Williams to Pahingga Indrawan, suicide is always a hard thing to understand. It is very saddening, heartbreaking and depressing for me to imagine what goes through the mind of somebody who decided that they want to commit suicide.

For somebody who faces so much troubles in their lives, and decided that there are nothing worth living for. Nothing. For somebody to not have anybody worth turning to. For somebody to leave everything that loves them because hope has remain to be a false notion.

You know what’s even sadder. Most of the people who watches Pahingga’s video commented as if he was a moron. “Why would you kill himself on Facebook?” “You’re stupid for killing yourself because of a girl”.

How could anybody said that?!

UK’s National Health Service listed at least 8 different reasons for suicide to occurs. From severe depression to genetic hereditary, suicidal tendency are most likely caused by severe psychological problem that resulted from a long-term process. One just does not wake up one day and decided that they want to kill themselves.

How could anybody say that?! That somebody who has been struggling for God knows how many years, who has given all of their self worth and hope, for being stupid. How could anybody be that low?

I’m sorry for being very emotional about this, but we can’t always take anything for granted. And we can’t always speak of such things with such ease. This illustrates the importance of welfare, of social supports, of precautions. Because suicide is the easiest thing we can prevent, compared to cancer. Maybe not actually, we can also prevent death penalty (sigh). But isn’t the high numbers of suicide and this case is enough to remind us to put emphasis on looking for solution for this problem?

Can we really shout about abortion being inhuman and ridicule the act of suicide at the same time?

Are we really going to be that kind of human? Who can see death with such ease. Who found justice in murder. Who sees irregular death as something that we can laugh at because we don’t know the people?

Are we really that kind of human?