Dear My Fellow Minorities: Just Let Ahok Go

Dear my fellow minorities,

Today we learn, that no matter how smart, quallified and useful we are; we will still be judged by who believe in, and what colour our skins are. That no matter how much we contribute to the society that we live in, that how much benefit we have offer to them is irrelevant as long as we are not in the majority. As long as there are more people above us who (does not necessarily have the right argument) but have the overwhemingly bigger numbers.

That, we have to make peace with the fact that we can never hold a prominent position in the society, because we are born with a lighter skin and believed in a crucified blasphemer.

We pride ourselves as the reasonable one, the oppressed ones. That we can still thrive under those pressures, even though millions and millions of them has marched to make sure that one of us is not to hold power for another day. We have been very patient in accepting the lies that all these are not politics or not driven by hatred. That this is all pure an act of a group that was broken hearted, for being attacked with words by a single person. Even though, without realizing it, they’ve been attacking us every single day with the same kind of words.

However bad the situation is, we have always been the wiser. We always say that it’s okay to be in the dark. To take a reroute when they close the road for their own goods. To listen to their prayers five times a day. To let the important role in the society and its norm to be dictated by their ways and believes.

We have let this to become the normal in this society, because we truly believe on our nations principle. On unity. On tolerance.

The consequences of living in a society as a minority is to be a minority. Our democracy demands a majority and rule of law. Justice is not about getting what you think is right. Justice is about what’s right for our society. The society with a majority of people that are hurt by Ahok’s word and truly believe in it.

We can disagree with it, of course. But ultimately, the result of an election or the decision by the justice system is absolute. That is (again) the consequences of our democracy.

So please listen to me when i say this. Just, move on.

Don’t do a protest or send those flowers anymore, because that will only degrade us to their level.

Don’t go to the streets asking for justice, when justice has been served. Because again what you might think is right, is not always the right think.

You know by rocking those prison gates demanding him to be freed. You’ve actually done something that are worst than those “aksi damai” because you are actually “protesting” against the law while they are “defending” the law.

There will always be somebody who believes in the flat earth thingy and truly think that is right, even though most uf us thinks its plain wrong. That’s who you are right now against the society.

So either move on and do something useful. Or move to either country.

This thing is really tiring.


Your fellow minority


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