Brexit, US Gun Laws and a Failling Democracy

I’ve said this once, and I’m not going to be tired of saying it again, because people, Democracy is not for everybody. At least, we shouldn’t take it as simple as we are right now.

The latest Brexit has reminds us of what we should be concerned about, where a simple majority vote has somehow decided the fate of not only a country, but also a continent in a serious crisis and possibly all countries on earth. Of course in an ideal democratic society, they can do whatever they want. Independence, is an important trait for it after all.

But we mustn’t forget, that democracy requires a huge amount of responsibility and intelligence. So when a decision is supposed to be made, all member of it are actually required the ability to understand and comprehend what actually is happening, take every consequences into account, and make the decision. Ideally, the decision would then be a middle way between various opposing views. A case, well delivered by David Cameron, when he managed to get a special membership status and a right to do whatever the hell they want if they decided to stay in the EU.

Yet, selfishly, the UK has left them and declare their independence yet again (classic colonials white supremacist).


Anyway, so when a decision was made, and everybody is freaking the hell out, asking what they’ve actually done, then the whole concept of democracy has somehow failed. When a second referendum petition is backed by 2 Million people, when the campaigns leaders are booed and bullied by the public sphere, then democracy is failing. Not because people aren’t able to vote and get a consensus, but because of the ignorance and obliviosity of the voters; Whose, by the way, even when they don’t understand what they’re doing, still vote anyway, because “every votes counts” right?

From what I  understand from this writing so far, only around 70% of British eligible voters actually votes, that gives a staggering only 36% of eligible voters actually voting for a Brexit. And that’s your democracy people, no backsies.

Yes, the way their voting works is a bit too easy. I mean come on, a simple majority for a decision this important?

A decision that is backed by such a minimal hurdle should be made by voters that understand the issues, not voters that are attracted to xenophobia, old fashioned Nigel, and a bad haired fat man. Because sadly it’s not just about one country anymore nowadays, countries and its people have to also think about other countries, and with migrant crisis and Greece looming over their head, they can’t just fuck off because they’re afraid their job might be taken by a humble Albanian; Especially when they actually depend on them to mobilize their own economy at the first place.

You know what’s worst? A decision that supposed to be a no-brainer somewhere in the US isn’t being made because of (you guessed it) “democracy”. While the country screams for a stricter gun laws, and while the democrats has already proposed a bill to put into place, the republicans has refused to do their job and force 26 democrats to Sit-in until a vote is being made. Yes, all that was done, just so that they can vote. A painstakingly high barrier to make a decision, which is necessary, but sadly the decision is being made by an equally moronic bunch of people who says that they want to “secure” their second amendment rights.

Anyway, all I’m trying to say is that democracy is not for everybody. Or at least, democracy requires us to actually consider A LOT of things. Because once we decided to be a democratic country, it is no longer just about is. Cause you know what, in a society that we live in right now, the stakeholders are no longer just the people living in that particular country. Because wherever you live in, that coffee cup and hoodie that you are using, is not made in a suburb next to your grandma’s house is it?

So when you scream about democracy and spread its glory, do consider the things you actually need to do and understand before calling yourself a part of democratic society.

“All classes in proportion to their lack of travel and familiarity with foreign literature are bellicose, prejudiced against foreigners, fond of fighting as a cruel sport — in short, dog-like in their notions of foreign policy.” – George Bernard Shaw


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