This is a bit disturbing

The way I see it nowadays, there are two things that can describe humanity at its best, arrogance and compassion.

You see humans; somehow, feel naturally superior to other beings. In fact, chances are, we feel naturally superior to other humans we found unfamiliar with.

We colonised islands, we mutilated tribes, we hang their heads on a fence. We condescends people we don’t now, we spit at the face of a murderer, we judge faster than we blink.

Be it because we were raised that way by the bible, be it that we have the skills and the tools to utilise our nature to its fullest, be whatever reason it is. We have led ourselves to believe that we are the most superior beings there ever was.

And in some years we’ve spent living, (being around for some thousands of years) it is only understandable that we feel that way, that we believe it to be true.

After all, crocodiles have lived longer than us, and all they do is just swim around looking sleepy.


On the other hand, we pride ourselves for being compassion. We sound our horns when we save animals from extinction, we pat ourselves on the back when we recognise the rights of other beings, we beat ourselves up when those beings are dead because of our actions, or even if it’s not because of us, especially if it’s not because of us. After all, everything that happens on earth must be because of us anyway right?

Yet, we still think that the laws of nature are changeable and that we can do something about it, even extinction. Arrogance.

It really can come in many forms.

You know it baffles me, that we can even lead ourselves into believing that we can have a united community. Because the arrogance that we have and the respect that we shout so loud about is very contradictory. Arrogance.

I often see myself as weak, because I try to understand things because I give people a chance to explain themselves; because I can understand murderers; because I can understand drugs users; because I can understand gays; because I can forgive people who don’t act in accordance with my beliefs. Because I recognised that they reserve the right to have their own beliefs without being oppressed by my own beliefs. It’s only natural to me somehow, that feeling of weakness.

Weakness. The only word I can use to refer to what I used to know as compassion.

You see I envy you Bogan who can shout as loud as you can, demanding people to be dead. Just because their act of love, their beliefs, what they are, can only be understood by you, as a sperm entering a butt-hole instead of vagina, or just the act of frictions (Even though you fantasises about it before you sleep).

I envy that kind of thickness. I envy being short minded. It’s simpler that way.

Because after all, we are the most superior beings on earth! And we must maintain our existence!

Because screw the progress of science, because it is ungodly! Because what I believed has been talked about for thousands of years and it must be true! And those people who dedicate years of their life for research are just sinners! Thus, I can ask my country to kill them! Or worse, to kill their future happiness!


Thou Shalt Not Kill.

Everything that changes this earth of ours, everything that shapes the world we live in. right now, starts with that simple sentence.

And of course, the other nine.

Because the divine power is so important! More so than the life of our fellow humans. More so, than the happiness of our fellow humans.

Do you ever wonder why all of Jesus’ followers are men?


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