But I’m Not The Only One

“The true role of religion is to remind us the fact that we are parts of humanity and the universe.”

It was not quite a normal morning that I woke up to. Two explosions and shootings was reported just some distance away from where I live. Naturally family calls was the thing that woke me up. Followed by a call by the office, asking me to come earlier.

Yes, the moment I stepped into the newsroom, the panic were apparent. But it was not the sort of panic that’ll make you run away. It was just all eagerness, from hundreds of dedicated newsman, trying to provide as much information that they can find.

Not stopping for even just a second, to rethink about what they’re getting themselves into. All we know is that we need to provide the scared people on the streets some certainty. Some silver linings.

I once heard that people tend to run away from danger. And of course, people will. It’s only natural and instinctual to do that. That being said, here in Indonesia, it was not quite that natural.

We run towards the explosion.

Same thing happened when our correspondent heard a (supposedly) what sounded like an explosion. He, without any hesitation, run towards the source. Funnily enough, it was just a tyre burst.

One thing is for sure, every single of us are trying our best to give the most reliable information, not only to keep people safe by being aware, but also to make people calm.

What amazed me even more, is that every person that I know are desperate to do something (even if they don’t actually have to). Even just by asking whether they should share anything on their social media or not.

And no, I am not going to condemn anybody from doing that, because it is only natural to do so. We need something to channel our need of catharsis after all. And what I want to underline is people’s intention of sharing anything. They genuinely were worried, and even during their worries, they still think about what they’re sharing before actually sharing it. Well, at least, the people that I know. Even more interesting is that after some times, the discussion has shifted from what we should know, into what we should share, into what hashtags to use. People were supposedly worried about the economy or something.

If there are  anything that we can be sure about today, is that we can never be sure. But we can also see that our people are strong. That our government are strong. And instead of pointing fingers, instead of blaming one or another, we stayed calm and leave it all to the authority. Something a bit rare nowadays, when a terror is received as a cue for people to buy guns and bring them to their nearest 7/11. “Because we can never be too safe”.

Well here today, there was no hatred as far as I can see.

People just want to know that their fellow countryman are safe.

Peace then, may seem like a very unachievable word now, and it might as well be. As for there are no peace without chaos.

But one thing is certain, we cannot be scared by anything. A-N-Y-T-H-I-NG.

Because if there are any winner from what happened today, well I think we won that war.

By not caring, by marching on, by ignoring any unreliable claims, by asking questions instead of throwing curses. By giving prayers instead of pursuing vengeance.

I witnessed the incident from the beginning till the end today, and I can tell you not even one people panic. Some people are so calmed, they even bought Satays just some stone throws away from the crime scene.

I honestly don’t know why I write this thing. It is by far my worst writing as far as I can tell. But all I want you to take away from this, is that we have handled this well. And that they will not get whatever it is that they are looking for. Because judging from how we, as a society, acted today, we are formidable.

Here, I just want to applaud every single of you for showing just that today.

For reminding me that we can respond to things instead of just reacting to it. And that us human is not that fragile after all.

As for today, we have shown that we can become light. As for today, we have shown that no matter how dark canthey be, we will never step into their side.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”  – MLK Jr.




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