The Depressing Comfortableness

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. – George Orwell

President Barrack Obama has told us what may well be the greatest political suicide ever been done by a modern American president. He finally gave up to common sense and decided to act against gun violence. He is going to use everything that he has in his executive power to assure that American people are a little bit safer.

A risky move, considering that what he will do in the next few months will most likely be the most things that we would remember about him as an American President. Why should we care, though? I mean it only affects the American people really. And if their congress and citizens are foolish enough to think that gun laws would make them less safe, then why we should we care?


Well, the numbers alone are astonishing enough for us to care.

At it stands, the US leads the world’s countries by gun ownership per capita, almost twice than Saudi Arabia and Iraq combined, and those two countries are actually at war right now. The US has 88.8 guns per 100 people, that’s 20 guns per 100 people more than the country with second highest gun ownership in the world. And that’s (yup, you guessed it) Yemen.

So who cares? If the people who have it bought it for their protection, shouldn’t people feel safer?

Well, in a utopian world, yes. But sadly, in 2015 alone, at least, 375 people died because of gun violence (That’s more than one people every day if you failed to notice). Not terrorism, gun violence. The number of people died because of terrorist attacks in the last decade in the US? 24.

If that number is not staggering enough, in 2016, which has only been 5 days, by the way, there has been at least 463 gun related incidents, with at least 127 body counts.

Now that is amazing.

So one would wonder then, why is it that this seemingly serious problem is not dealt with properly? Why is it that a (relatively speaking, successful) two-term president has to commit such a political suicide just to keep His citizen safe?

Well, that’s politics right there, and I have no fucking idea how it works really. If I’m being honest, nobody really does.

But what I can say is that it happens not only in the US. I mean of course, not in the exact same context. We’re seeing a lot of political tug-of-war over things like refugee crisis in the Europe, Climate change talk during the COP21, or even the 6 decades or so civil war which is yet to be resolved in the Korean peninsula.

Seemingly complicated political problems that go from one leader to the others without being resolved, while the ordinary people are forced to suffer every single day.

Perhaps it is that complicated, perhaps it is not as easy as turning our palms around.

But how can one sleep, after being sworn in to serve the people, while hundreds and thousands of their people suffer because their exclusive interest were not met in the negotiation?

Well perhaps I’m being too naive here, and perhaps it is a complicated problem. Especially when the people are easily manipulated to support one way or the other. I’m just a newbie writer after all, but hell if ordinary people like me are trying to understand this problem as hard as I can and has, at least, realise that something has to be done here, then why aren’t they?

You may think that I’m an idiot. That I don’t understand even a squat of the problems that looms around? That I made a snap judgement before trying to even understand the aspects?

But isn’t the people who are as far away as possible from the problem, are the one who can actually see the problem more clearly than the people who are involved in it?





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