Gather Ye Rosebuds

The thing about producing news is, you never really know what people expect. I mean you sort of know what the moods are from the people on the field. You read people’s thoughts on twitter and so on, but you never really know. It is no exact science, because when numbers don’t lie, it also doesn’t adapt.

Human being is a very fluid being. One morning I can believe that God doesn’t quite exist, only to find out the day after that I desperately need some sort of God figure and decided I should go to church. But that doesn’t quite paint the point I am trying to make.

Anyway, if there is anything more confusing than being a newsman, is being a newsman in this so-called contemporary media culture with its digital age and “modern” new media concept.

I would say that working in the media is harder than being a politician, or even a president because at least you can force your beliefs and negotiates it.

Meanwhile in the media, the fact of the time matters, the opinion of the morons matters, but your opinion doesn’t really interest anybody. Not even your boss’s.

Don’t get me wrong though it doesn’t mean that if you work in the media, you can’t bring something that you believe in into your work. It’s not like that at all. Its just when you work in the media, the thing that you believe in needs to have millions of layers of facts and figures behind it before you can be sure that it is good enough for people to know.

Double standards right?

gather ye

The thing is when we do that to people or politician. When we try to apply some layers of common sense, it goes against the freedom of speech. They are allowed to believe in anything moronic, as long as people vote for them.

They don’t quite need to maintain their integrity, while in the media; integrity is all that we have. And like it or not, anyone who works for a media is highly disposable, especially when anything that they do affect the organisation’s integrity.

Makes you wonder doesn’t it? If politicians and political party have the same kind of policy, what kind of world would we live in?

People often ask me, or rather mock me when I have to work over the weekend, or when I have to work for few weeks without a day off. Or when I tell them how much I got paid, and that with that kind of effort, I can make twice the money if I open my own business or if I work in marketing.

Well, I can’t quite explain why myself.

I have to admit, working in the media especially in news, is not for everybody. Be it for a dotcom, broadcast, or whatever forms it is. For me, being a newsman is a calling, and maybe a privilege.

You see anyone have the right to do what they want with their time. It’s their fucking life after all. And when you know somebody in a tiny dark room somewhere is watching a show that you planned, that you work really hard for, it really is amazing. To know that people can hear your concerns, the thing that you think matters, and to have the slight chance to make a mental agreement with somebody that you don’t even know. For me, all that is really amazing, and it worth the time and effort that I gave.

You see, the way we’re raised is that as an adult, we should make enough money, that we should be able to fund our own family with our own effort. That we should not ask our partner to work as hard as we do. Well, at least my culture told me to do so.

That sort of takes away the privilege that comes with every different occupation. It throws away the value and enjoyment that one could’ve got from a job. All it only becomes is a place where you make money and would like to get away from as often as you can.

Life would then be less colourful wouldn’t it?

I find it really saddening, that what determines success around me is how much people get paid for, or the kind of holiday they can afford, or the type of car they own. But maybe that’s what people want deep inside at the first place?


Gather ye rosebuds while ye may

Old Time is still a-flying

And this same flower that smiles today.

Tomorrow will be dying.


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