On Freedom

Freedom, it seems, is the obsession that any country could never attain.

Even country like the U.S. who’s been so proud of their freedom of speech and liberalism has continually struggles because of that very own value. Of course if you watch any war movies that the Hollywood made, that wouldn’t seem so apparent. But what’s been happening in the real world has demonstrated that the dream of freedom has increasingly become an illusion.

Obama, I supposed is living really hard with that dilemma right now. He’s been condemned by his own people for talking with Russia (or any other countries for that matter) to seek a more peaceful resolution in Syria. The some people who matters, but ironically doesn’t matter from the Republican party are pushing the president to make a more concrete move to stop violence and terrorism in Syria by bringing more violence, while at the same time being cautious and ready to fight with Russia.

So it is a bit understandable when today we find countries like Russia, Iran and Iraq taking a stance, and a more concrete one, to handle the issue. Don’t misunderstood me though, their solution still somehow involves guns and tanks.

Anyway, coming back to the Utopian ideal called freedom, it seems that we forgot the fundamental principal of freedom which is the rights of being free. In fact, Oxford dictionary sees freedom as “The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants”. That by no means represent the complex idea of freedom that our society is seeking, but it does sort of represent them in a very basic level.

Baring that in mind, please refrain yourself from condemning me when i said that whatever Hungary is saying about the refugee crisis, whatever that camerawoman was thinking when she kicked that girl, whatever Putin is doing in Ukraine, and whatever Trump is thinking when he cuts those hair, basing on my hazy understanding of freedom, they can do whatever they bloody want.

I mean, sure, their ideas and actions may not be favorable for the majority of the people, cause you know, we are not stupid. But it doesn’t mean that they can’t say what they want to say just because they are a minority right? (or at least the idea is not popular ). So if you’re understanding what I’ve been talking about, you’ll come across the paradox of freedom.

Because Trump will have the freedom to cut his hair however he wants, and we have the freedom to not like it. So it is not one or the other, it just goes along together whether we like it or not. And somewhere along the way, it will crashed unto each other.

So it will then make sense that when the reasonable thing to do in Middle east is to seek peaceful talks, they use guns instead, and we cannot do anything about it. Because you know, they have the freedom to do whatever they fucking want.

So i guess this idea of freedom that we used to think about, the democracy, the ideal society is not what we should seek in our society. Perhaps we have come upon a dead end. Because the US has been trying to do that for more than 200 years now and nothing hasn’t seemed to change, or at least bring meaningful change.

I mean sure Gay marriage is legal now, but as much as people have the freedom to express their love to each other now, other people who doesn’t like that also have the freedom to stop that from happening. And the matter of technicalities can be easily dealt with, because the law is not unchangeable. And actually, their law protect that and ensure that to keep on happening. So their freedom, it seems, can negates each other countless of time.

I may just misunderstood the freedom, and most likely i am doing exactly that. But what i just said pretty much represent what i think is happening in the world right now, and it seems that we’re just going in circle.

What we would need in the future then, I am not sure. But it is certainly not just an ideal freedom as an image. We do need a sets if rules and a new principal that sees logic and reasons more than just blunt freedom.

Because what reason could’ve done is to save Europe from a population crisis in the future, and what freedom had done is to end the life of Aylan Kurdi and many other kids (not directly of course, but you know what i mean). Only to be remembered as a photo who became a trending topic for few days and disappear behind Lady Gaga’s new video clip a few days after.

Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose. Anything less is a form of slavery – Wayne Dyer

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