On Feminism (Prior Apology for potential offences attached)

Social issues has been increasingly scrutinised around the world, and for us to see somebody being “bullied” by the media and the internet for their remarks on those issues is no longer a surprise. Today, Tim Hunt was “forced” to resign from his university position. A Physiology nobel prize winner, who made a “crude” comment on women’s role in his lab.

He is not the first person facing the problem really. Matt taylor was also attacked last year by bunch of social activists for wearing a “sexist” shirt during his interview after the success of philae’s landing in a commet.

It is really sad, that the beutiful work that these people has been doing for the betterman of science (and ultimately humanity) have to be overshadowed by social issues that are frankly quite subjective.


First of all, because you jump in and interupt yourself from reading this piece and start to judge me, i do not condone any form of sexsual, race, or religious based abuses. I think any form of that is not justified and the people who disadvantage someone else based on those personal background deserve to be scream at.

Anyway, We have gone too far with this feminism thing. I get it, woman are not paid as good as man, most of the woman in africa, India and other developing country are living a really sad life, and birth mortality is also still an issue. We are in fact still handling that issue right this second. My friend (whose article i just read last night) is doing a paper on woman in Syria. Those U.N. organisations and NGO’s are doing their best to handle this issue.

The world has seen this as an issue, and many people have acknowledge it and have been changing their logic and regulations to fit this new (better) take on this issue. But sadly, it seems that it is not enough. While the progress is still ongoing, it seems that the public is taking the issue for granted and are using every single possible man behaviour to use it as a catharsis to escape from the boredom of waiting for this change.

First thing first, male female equality is just simply impossible. Both emotionall and physically. That is scientific fact, not an opinion. So why are we forcing ourselves to threat the two equally?

Of course in issues such as voting, pay rights, or any other basic human rights, we should have the same treatment. But i think that’s as far as the extent can go. So when somebody is speaking up his/her opinion on something, he/she should not be bashed just because he doesn’t agree with your ideal way of thinking.

Are we really going to censor anybody who says something about woman in a negative term and condemn them everytime this is happening? Do we really want to live in this kind of world?

It seems that we now have a general rule of double standards on sexual equality issue and that everything that we say as a male is wrong.

Take Tim hunt’s case for example, at a glance, that can be seen as sexist, i grant that. But we could not threat every single case in a universal manner. Because we never know what the social condition in his lab like. There are many factor that can help determine whether or not his statement justified or not, but i think it should be more than what we are using now. It should be more than a mere possibility of woman being threated unequally with man. Because inherently, man and woman are indeed different.

I really do not have any take on this, nor do i have any solution regarding this issue. What i know though, is that for a discussion to be effective, both of the sides should be able to express their opinion freely, and these kind of stories have made me really afraid to speak up for myself as a man, because anything that i said will be used against me and i will automatically labeled as sexist. And we will never be able to have that kind of discussion if this is still going on.

One article on the verge is saying that the kind of person (like matt taylor) who is wearing that kind of shirt is discouraging woman from entering NASA, which i think is very shallow and ridicolous. I mean that is what anybody would get for judging the book from its cover isn’t it? If my co-worker is wearing red bandana and have a really thick beard, does that mean that he is a biker gang member? Not necessarily, the only way i know is by actually talking and working with him. If i choose not to work at a place because somebody is wearing the thing that i am against for, then (i think) the problem is me.

It is really sad that these brilliant peopel are forced to resign from their position for an issue that we can actually tolerate and talk about. It is not like they kill somebody or steal something really. I just can’t imagine the achievement these person may miss for themselves and most importantly humanity that are deprieved from happening because we do not like what they say or what they wear.

“Judgments, value judgments concerning life, for or against, can in the last resort never be true: they possess value only as symptoms, they come into consideration only as symptoms – in themselves such judgments are stupidities.” – Friedrich Nietzsche


One thought on “On Feminism (Prior Apology for potential offences attached)

  1. I’m glad to see you write these things, because if you feel so threatened by the resignation of a man you don’t even know because he admitted that he regards females as subhumans, and you are willing to assert that you feel the same way only to defend it, then feminists are slowly winning 🙂

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