On Sepp Blatter and His Four Days (17 years) of FIFA Presidency

The news today, is filled with the “shocking” resignation of the newly elected president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter. It is truly hard to not use a sarcastic quotation mark in the whole of that sentence, because his “election” has truly been ridicule to the whole contemporary idea of “democracy”.

FIFA’s run in the football world has been filled with corruption scandals with bribery, nepotism and dictatorship running through its veins naturally. Sepp Blatter is only the third president of FIFA who holds the longer term after Jules Rimmet and Joao Havelange. In fact, since the year 1906, there are only eight president of FIFA. To put a perspective on, there are around 20 US presidents taking office since that year.

SeppBlatter cartoon-thumb-400x292-1847

FIFA is nowhere close to a country by any means, it is just a mere organisation that foresee the world’s football organisation and activity, but Sepp’s resignation is (for me) a direct spit and mockery to the whole idea of democracy.

Most of what I am writing on is mostly based on accusation of course, and for these to be proven in court would take years and years of bureaucratic nightmare. The fact that countries jurisdiction to be involved in FIFA’s organising body is shady does not help either.

Representative of countries football organisation that is acknowledged by FIFA are the only people who can join FIFA’s election, and even for those organisation to communicate with the government over footballing matters would be against FIFA’s regulation. Recently, Indonesia was suspended by FIFA because the government “intervened” with Indonesian Football Association. So we can sort of see FIFA’s power in the Football world just from that.

FIFA is an actual bully that can go over the government’s power and make fun of them. Why? Well simply because the world loves football, and the world has mistaken success with pride and money. It is then not odd when Brazil would do anything FIFA required them to do just to hold the world cup in their country (which includes the lifting of their alcohol ban in sporting events just because Budweiser says so).

When the arrest of many FIFA’s head happened just days before the election, I first thought that there is a hope that the next president of FIFA would a qualified capable leader that is free from Sepp Blatter’s silliness. Yet, he was elected again. He is now the only president in the world that is capable of being elected despite of strong connection to corruption and having his whole cabinet arrested for corruption.

WInston Churcill once said, “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter”, and I think this perfectly capture what is wrong with the modern democracy. I guess this is why America is using a state electorate election system, and even then it still doesn’t quite work out.

Thus, his sudden resignation can (I think) be seen as a huge “fuck you” to the face of the so called modern democracy. Frankly, if he wants to, he could probably nominate himself again, and he will surely get elected again somehow. That would complete the fuck you message to us and makes it a “fuck you you stupid moron, i can do whatever I want because the people who voted for me are idiots anyway, and you can’t vote, so fuck you world, fuck you.”

What is more silly is that his “strongest” candidate for replacement is Michael Platini, the guy who put forward the idea of Qatar world cup and prince Ali, a really rich guy.

If you watch John Oliver’s take on FIFA, you should by the way, you would find one of the arrested FIFA official made a moronic comments to the Internet about his alleged bribery act, which paint a picture on how being smart is not necessary if your idea of success if money and power.

FIFA is by no means an organisation with a democratic system. They are by no means the same with those democratic countries like Australia and U.S. Nevertheless their election is similar to those in democratic countries, and they have proven that the system is flawed.

I am not saying that democracy is a bad system. It isn’t at all. But the current understanding of administering democracy and election is close to idiotic.

The first step of solving a problem is recognising that there is one, and we truly have one here.

“The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don’t have to waste your time voting. – Charles Bukowski


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