On religion and double standards

Last week, BBC has posted an article briefly discussing the Hijab/Miniskirt battle, which apparently has gained traction in Europe. Meanwhile, the Vatican has expressed its strong disagreement towards Ireland’s decision to acknowledge same sex marriage on 22nd of May this year. Two (frankly quite conservative) arguments against the ever-increasing freedom in a contemporary society, in which God’s existence have become an increasingly relevant question and less offensive.

Without trying to be condescending to all of you out there that have faith, I think a conversation about this should not be treated with hot-headed fanaticism anymore, and we should approach this with an open mind.


Richard Dawkins, the most hated person by the catholic society, made a very good point on February during his interview in BBC’s Newsnight program. He argued that every person has the right to believe his or her own beliefs whatever it may be. Be it Muslim, Catholic, Buddhist, or the Martian. However, it is not in anybody’s place to force others to believe in their value, let alone religion.

A point well made by somebody who is an open atheist (quite surprising since other atheists in the Internet are bunch of narcissistic condescending group of fart heads).

It is one thing to disagree with one’s opinion because they recognise the different rationale behind it, but to disagree completely and to not wanting to even glance at the other side’s opinion is frankly ridiculous.

The Pope is said to have no opinion on the same sex marriage (or any other social issues as far as he’s concerned) because apparently he refuses to watch television. Granted that he may gather other information from papers or his colleague, but we cannot ignore the fact that he consciously block one of the major pathway for information and other opinion to ever enter his conscience at all.

It’s like you’re making a case against the republican for climate change and finding out that they hasn’t even read a single report on the issue. Oh by the way, they actually read those at least, although they choose to ignore it all. But that’s a different case.

Sadly, we should remember that the Pope oversees an organisation that mostly constructed of corrupt priests and paedophile ass heads. Frankly, if the same sex marriage includes an age limit of 10, I think the Vatican won’t disagree so much.

Anyway, back to more important stuff, what is even more head scratching is that the pope actually (somehow) have some power over the many global issues. He is the only person, along with Dalaj Lama that can actually just drop by DC one day and ask Obama to erase abortion law, make the government actually think about it, and save the life of those thousands, if not millions of pregnant teenager with shady future.

The power imbalance is so huge that other religion is seen as just a tiny dot in the word cloud of humanity, and when a religion gets big enough, it is condemned as terrorism.

It shouldn’t that way though isn’t it?

Humanity’s social progress towards understanding itself and its role in the universe should not be halt by a belief, value, or opinion just because they arrived first don’t you think? Especially when legit questions like Stephen Hawking’s questions regarding the very nature of our existence. Don’t we all want to know? And by knowing, I mean something other than the one written in a thousand year old book by I have no idea who, maybe the George R.R. Martin of that period.

I mean dude, are you seriously going to believe a book that was written just few thousand years ago while the age of the earth itself has reached more than 4.54 Billion years. That number is four and a half times more than Michael Jordan’s net worth. And we all know how rich he is. Kanye, by the way. Imagine how much stuff you can buy with that kind of money, now convert it into time, and imagine how many episodes of Friends you can watch in those years. Oh, that’s 119390332200000 episodes by the way.

Yet the opinion proportion is so imbalance in favour in this ridiculousness just because we came across that point first. I am not saying that we should despise that point of view entirely, there may be some merit in catholic’s or Muslim’s arguments. But so does in any other arguments. I mean we decided that the earth was not flat after being open to new idea after all right? And look where it has brought us! the moon dude! Literally!

All that I’m saying, on top of my ridicule and mockery, is that we should at least hear out the other side’s argument and not force other people to administer what we belief. I do believe in some of Catholic’s and Muslim’s value towards life, and some of the points are even better than great. But now, let’s put an end to the era of fanaticism and stubbornness and starts open our hearts and brains out to other’s point of view.

“So I say to you, Ask and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.” – Jesus (I am not even kidding)

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