On morality

I live in a country where corruption is seen as normal, be it a fat mom jumping queue in front of you in a fried chicken restaurant, or a millionaire conglomerate dodging tax, My country accept corruption the same way the U.S. accepts that they have to live with those republican idiots.

And yet, in a country where around 24 million of its citizens are living under the poverty line, that’s barely $2 per day, Indonesia is obsessed with social norms issues such as sex and inter-religion marriage. Yup, When the rest of the world is rallying bravely to legalise gay marriages, Indonesia is still quite unsure on how to handle Muslim-Catholic marriage.

But that’s not what I want to talk about. What’s happening in Indonesia is basically (at least the way I see it) mirror on humanity in general.


Prostitution is Illegal here, because it is “just morally wrong”. Yet, its public officer hire prostitutes routinely, artist are selling their bodies to the rich oligarchs and religious activists are being bribed with Australian sex workers so that they would stop protesting a (barely) “sexual magazine”. Oh! and of course there’s the two finger virginity test for women who wants to join the army. Yet, when prostitution case surfaces, the country acts as a holy angel and in unify condemned the action (as if the whole population is innocent of the “immoral acts”). Leaving behind the death penalty, drugs, corruption, or even poverty case to concentrate on the “good morale of the nation”.

It is sad really, that sex has become the face of a country’s morale, while biologically speaking, it is the basic trait that makes us, well, beings. It still puzzles me on why should prostitution be illegal, while we can actually tax those sex workers and channel the money to something more useful like sex education, or any form of education really. Just for your information, Indonesia ranks 19 in the list of countries with the most HIV/AIDS infected (2009). Indonesia has somehow managed to rank higher than Uganda, Ghana, Rwanda and funnily enough, Colombia. Colombia for God’s sake, that country is basically made of drugs and unsafe sex.

What Indonesia has sadly failed to realise is that sex does not necessarily relates to any bad morality, or HIV in this matter. If it does, our so-called “God’ wouldn’t have made it to be so enjoyable and functional at the same time. Instead, people are being put into jail for having a before-sex-marriage or for involving themselves in prostitution. And don’t get me started on porn.

The country’s Internet censorship policy is based on whether the website has a naked picture on it or not, the country’s biggest concern during the miss world or miss universe event is not whether their representative is smart enough but rather whether she will wear a bloody bikini or not.

Anyway, I could ramble in this for days, but my point is, instead of concentrating on issues such as poverty or how to abolish corruption for good, Indonesia has made an equal, if not more, effort to abolish any form of sex in the popular culture. Which is sad really.

Oh btw, if you’re watching any form of Sofia Vergara’s appearance in an Indonesian TV, you’ll just see her head followed by a large amount of blur under it (true story). Mercifully, she hasn’t appeared in Indonesian TV whatsoever. That’ll just be pointless.

Humanity, despite of its claim on having very concerned about the wellbeing of others, is strangely very selfish. We somehow care more about our rights and what makes us looks better than on systematic flaws in our government or society that could affect the whole nation or the life of our fellow countrymen. Simply said, we care more about our lifestyle more than anything else. That is why a lot of people are pissed when Mayweather won, because our society will “looked so much better” if Pacquiao won.

Similar case is also happening in the “rally for marijuana” case. I have no bloody idea how the legalisation of weed could affect someone’s life significantly. Yet, we are rallying for it the same way we rally for marriage equality, gender equality, or even abortion law. Not that I’m against weed or anything, but there is definitely more important issues than that.

I’m not against the use of marijuana on anything, I think if anybody have the needs of consuming it, then nobody should be able to force them not to. The problem is not legalising weed, the problem is why does weed need to be illegal at the first place? This represent humanity’s obsession on morality, that we make a law on something that seemingly look bad on our social image and yet we still have no effective regulation to handle poverty.

Not that weed being illegal is solely for the social image motive, but with the increasing research on marijuana, I think the case has increasingly becomes so. We snap into certain judgement or decision before even considering a research or investigation on the case in the name of “protecting” us, while actually more like judging us.

As we have probably known quite well now, humanity is very good at scratching on the surface and stopping there. We concerns a lot about morality, and how our society should act in various issues. Yet, we stopped at such unimportant issues and pay more attention to that more than on systematic societal issues that could lead to global poverty or even global extinction. Human extinction of course, becasuse the cockroach will rise to power after we are extinct, you never know right?

“The amount of money and of legal energy being given to prosecute hundreds of thousands of Americans who are caught with a few ounces of marijuana in their jeans simply makes no sense – the kindest way to put it. A sterner way to put it is that it is an outrage, an imposition on basic civil liberties and on the reasonable expenditure of social energy.” – William Buckley jr


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