On Drugs

Talking about drugs in a societal concept is like talking about tax return with your friends, you know it is highly important, but decides not to talk about it anyway to avoid confusion.

Drug is a huge problem for many countries, or if you want to be general, humanity as a whole. Although I’m not quite sure on how drugs surface into our lives, but it is now and it has become an imminent problem for us to face. Talking about drugs is tricky, because technically a drug producer do not really kill anybody with their drug, but what they do is not exactly sinless either. Talking about drugs is so tricky that if Justin Bieber got caught smuggling some in Indonesia, you will still be confused on whether he should be executed or not.

Drug offense is one of the main reasons to question death penalty in general, amongst other equally important things of course. But after all these years, capital and justice treatment towards drug use and drug offenses hasn’t quite work as we hoped it would be.


Well first because drug use is not solely a will power problem. Many of us will immediately jump into a conclusion that people who consume drugs are just a broke jerk who are irresponsible and just live for the heck of it. After all, why sympathise someone who voluntarily consume something that is against the law.

To answer that, we could actually talk to neuroscientists or psychologist who will have plenty of answers on why we should care at least just a little bit towards these druggers. And of course everyone have that choice of not using it. But in many cases, people who are suffering from drug addiction are genetically prone to drug consumption.

Ranging from history of abusive and drunk parents, through to their actual physical inability for inhibition, suggesting that once they consume the drug, they can’t stop. A study with ecstasy has actually showed that a drug user’s brain and neuron has lost its ability to send endorphins to give them euphoric sensation or positive reinforcement without the help of the drug.

How about the first consumption? They are surely in control of that right?

Well not always, remember those times your mom nagged on and on about avoiding going to clubs because people can slip something to your drinks? Well that’s one. And second, which is more dangerous, is peer pressure. Drug dealers are smart, they can not only avoid jail, or even still manage to sell drugs when they’re actually in jail, but they are very careful in choosing their seller. Which means that the people who actually sell drugs in clubs or the streets are actually better salesman than the Mormons (no disrespect to drug sellers).

So what can we do then?

Well many has argued that we should cut the supply, and some has also argued that we should cut the demand, most might argue that we should cut both. Whatever it is, our current treatment is evidently not working. When even death penalty can’t stop drug circulation, then maybe virtually nothing can. But it doesn’t mean that we should give up.

A demographic of drug users is often those who relapse, and their biggest bet is medical treatment. No one is suffering more than those who actually consume the drugs. Most of the time, they are actually force to be a seller or even dealer because they can’t afford to buy anymore drugs, it thus become a vortex of some sort. Helping them to be independent from the drug is one thing that we can do, hence, instead of jailing them without help or sending them to unreliable rehab centre, we should develop a better medical treatment for drug users.

Second, who are worse than drugs users? Corruptors. These people are more shit than you may think they were at first. If it isn’t enough that they steal our tax money but they can also take bribes from drug dealers, after all, there’s nothing that money couldn’t buy right? Sadly, although we have a sophisticated law to control drug use and production, we might not actually have the appropriate law to prevent drug distribution and circulation, especially at the user buyer level.

Clubs are not really obliged to prevent drugs transaction inside, especially in developing countries like Indonesia and Thailand. While countries like Australia can immediately revoke the license for clubs that even sell alcohol to under aged, countries like Indonesia do not know how to force that sort of regulation just yet.

This discussion and piece has, by no means, no conclusion. We still have A LOT of homework to do if we want to get this drug problem out from our society. Problem is, this issue will not rest if we still avoid discussing about it for the sake of judgemental sentiments. I have met a lot of stories where my father’s friend son or daughter died of overdoses because their parents has to keep their child’s addiction a secret and not being able to get the child a proper treatment.

As important as talks for death penalty is, talks regarding drug use and treatment are imminent for our society. It is hard to help a friend that is an addict when they are too afraid to come to us and ask for that help because of the fear of being judge. After all, we are better people than this right?

“I have absolutely no pleasure in the stimulants in which I sometimes so madly indulge. It has not been in the pursuit of pleasure that I have periled life and reputation and reason. It has been the desperate attempt to escape from torturing memories, from a sense of insupportable loneliness and a dread of some strange impending doom.” – Edgar Allan Poe


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