An attempt to make sense of the murder trial (this is not going to go well)

In the event of Myuran sukumaran, Andrew Chan, Mary Jane and seven other drug offender imminent death, the international public has become even more vocal in voicing their ‘’opinion” against the punishment. They appeal to the human rights of the offender and many other ‘’international values’’ that they are trying to force on Indonesian (despite Indonesians having no obligation to follow any value that the world wants them to have).

But that is not the point of this writing, because ultimately, the justification of whether death penalty is right or wrong is completely up to each individuals. Moreover, it is not like we are the only one that is doing the death penalty. As by 2014, China has executed more than 1000 of their citizens, and the U.S. has executed 35, and this is not even the entire list. Yet, oddly enough, only now does Indonesia get the spotlight. Part of it is because it takes a painfully long process in the high court to solve the case.

Anyway, of course I would not then say that it is justified for us to do it just because other countries are doing it. Especially when countries like China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the U.S. has mostly killed their own citizen for a massacre or manslaughter. Although, one of our people are being enslaved in Arab, and she is facing a death penalty for defending herself against her boss’s abuse. But either way she killed somebody, so who am I to say anything right? Thing is, in a U.S. court, she will be defended like hell by a good lawyer (given that she has some money in her pocket), the public, and the media (given that she is good looking enough for the cameras, and she cries in the enough amount to create drama). But since this is in Arab, nobody bats an eye.

My point is, different countries administer their own law, and as my previous writing has made the same point, anyone, and by this I mean whoever standing in one’s country soil, is obliged to follow their law and realise the consequences.

So the first question that I am going to ask without answering it by myself is that, Why does everybody suddenly care so much about this particular case of death penalty? If human rights is the reason, then doesn’t the murderer that they killed also has that? Granted that they voluntarily take someone else’s life, but drug dealing, no matter whatever they intend to do with it, can also yield a significant damage in other people’s lives as well, some even lead to death. So why is this case so hyped up by the media and the International public? Is it because Indonesians are inferior to them so that they can force Indonesians to just, you know, listen to the superior?

Anyway who am I to justify any of this, my opinion doesn’t really matter after all if you already feel strongly against something. Well if those writing or my previous writing has at least softened your feelings about this, then congratulations, you can be reasonable.

Now let’s turn to the merit of each side.

The life sentence side, I personally prefer this a little bit to be quite honest. Some data has actually confirmed that death trial is invective towards scaring people out of doing the unlawful. So it makes sense to just put them in a cubical for the rest of their life. Think about it, and I mean really think about it, forever is a very long time to sit in a cubical with a toilet next to your bed. And of course there is always the risk of killing somebody innocent, which apparently happens more often than you think in the U.S.

Now for the death sentence side. Someone being dead means they will never be around ever again. That is cruel, especially when you can make sure that they will forever live inside a jail. But is that the case though? I mean when a kid got grounded in their room, they can do whatever they want inside the room and might not even think about the mistakes that they made, instead they might just play with their Gameboy (or just phone nowadays) and not feel guilty for breaking the bloody vase.

The point is that although it reduces it, life sentences does not fully abolish the possibility of the convicted to no longer be a danger for the society. One case here in Indonesia is that a drug dealer has actually begin dealing again inside the bloody jail. So it make sense to have a death penalty to make sure that they no longer become a danger to society anymore, because as much as they have human rights, when they make a mistake, been punished, and then do the same mistake again, I think they don’t even recognise the meaning of human right anymore. If in the dark night movie batman has killed Joker instead of bringing him to jail, the people inside the boat wouldn’t have been in danger at the first place.

Now whether the penalty for the 10 people that will soon be executed in Indonesia is justified or not, I have no idea, it is very subjective, and at least in the face of Indonesian law it is.

Of course at the end I have to recognise that there are no perfect law, not yet anyway. So there is always the possibility of taking the life of the innocent. The system is flawed, and it is terrifying. So to be quite honest, I do not really know what to think.


The proper end of human punishment is, not the satisfaction of justice, but the prevention of crimes”.


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