On Hillary Clinton

So last sunday, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton announces her presidential bid, making her in line for the title of the first ever U.S. female president. Simply put, the media went crazy, social media goes to the roof and news media is making quite a big deal over it. Even until now. It is quite a contrast, when you see how senator Ted Cruz, Rand Paul or Marco Rubio announces their bid, virtually nobody cares.

I don’t know what the exact reason for this, maybe because she is married to Bill Clinton, maybe because she is a Democrat, or maybe because she is capable of being a great president. Whatever it is, I sincerely hope that the enormous supports that she is getting are not because of the fact that she is a woman. hillarywhite Now I am not trying to be sexist here, I am fully aware of her capabilities and I think she is a strong candidate despite of the many lacking skills she also have. But I don’t want to make whatever judgement I am making based on her sex, and nor should you.

Considering the U.S. is one of the strongest countries in the economics, politics and military sectors, it is crucial that they have a strong political leader as well. Any decision, no matter how smart or stupid it is, can affect the world either directly on indirectly. It is hard enough for someone as powerful as Obama to maintain his impact against the crazy congress in the parliament, let alone someone who is not qualified.

Again I am not saying that Hillary Clinton is not qualified, she may be, but if she is qualified, the fact that she is a woman doesn’t make her more qualified. I sort of get it when people are hoping that she can be the first woman president of the U.S. because that could mean that our modern society can finally reach the state in which we can acknowledge differences and when equality can finally progress on. Moreover, her decisions and views on LGBT is also a step forward for our social sphere.

But, frankly, that should not be our only focus, because the role of the U.S., which they have sort of been proud of having for the last few years, is to make an impact on the international world, and this sort of role should not be filled by someone who is chosen for being different.

Again I have to say this, because many extreme feminists will attack me for saying all that, but I am not undermining her for being a female. She is very capable of having a good diplomatic decision and relationship with other countries, she is good on social issues and she is greatly loved by her followers, which means that she can maintain a good relationship with the people that she lead. But she also has weaknesses, her email scandal is just appalling, some of her public speaking is poor, and the shadow of her husband can be harmful for her as well.

All that I want to say is that we should not favour her more for being a woman, we should consider more on her ability, what she says in her campaign, what she can do to the political world, not what her sex is. In the case that we are supporting her because of her sex, then we should also support Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman, and everybody knows that’ll be the biggest mistake ever in human history.

I know that most of the people, if not all, who are reading this writing cannot vote for the U.S. election anyway, but I guess this point is also relevant in our political or even social context. Because many of our people are campaigning for equality and fair treatment, but ended up asking for more. It is wrong to discriminate, but it is also wrong to give more to someone just because they are different. I think equality means that we should give anyone what he or she deserves based on his or her effort. So when in the future Menteri Susi has somehow made herself a presidential candidate, then her brain should be the thing that we criticize and admire, not her funky attitude or the fact that she is a woman.


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