Morning Bitching: From Julie Bishop to Anang Hermansyah

It is just a few minutes ago that Seven’s morning show “sunrise” hit a new low by spending more than 5 minutes talking about Julia Bishop’s shoes. After attacking an Australian coalition MP for a mere 2 minutes for his tweet related to Sydney siege, the show went on to a 5 minute segment with three correspondence (which was their own reporters), talking about recent article ranking Julia Bishop, the current Australian foreign minister, as one of the most intriguing people of 2014.

The article, published by WHO magazine (a magazine owned by the same group as channel seven, and as a matter of fact the morning show) show Julia bishop in a white dress with a Giorgio Armani shoes. While the media has every right to show whatever they want, it is sad and insulting that the show spend more time in discussing what somebody is wearing instead of an actual social issue that is happening.


Oddly enough, when the current Tony Abbott government member are given a fair chance to be discussed from different point of views, the poor coalition member who, as far is i’m concerned might have been drunk at the time of the tweet, is unanimously attacked without a presumption of innocence. Of course it is quite a public secret that the seven group is owned by Rupert Murdoch and that he is one of the biggest supporter of the Abbott government.

Meanwhile, around 5000 Km away, RCTI, an Indonesian private television media has hit an even lower ground with the live broadcast of a politician’s wife giving birth. Few months prior, the channel had also broadcasted a live reporting of a celebrity’s wedding, Raffi Ahmad (one of Indonesia’s most famous host). Many other programs including news program was abandoned in favour of the half day wedding reporting. Raffi Ahmad now has a designated air time in the channel, reporting about his daily life with the new wife. Even the royal family has more privacy than that.

More recently, the channel has provided a live broadcast for the labour of a politician/celebrity giving birth. Anang Hermansyah, a former singer now a member of parliament, had a baby with her celebrity wife Ashanty on air with the channel following her from the beginning of the labour to the couple taking picture with their newborn.

It is sad the main tool of democracy has now used to be a propaganda tool, way to divert issue and revenue generator. A public airtime where people are supposed to consume information from to help them learn or play their democratic part is now inundated with scandals, voyeurism and propaganda.

even more sad is the fact that we are enjoying it, or do we?

I really do believe that the people deserves more than this, and people desire more than this. So when you are looking at this sort of shit, just please change the channel will ya.


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