Susi pudjiastuti and the hypocrisy of Indonesian public

So my social media are buzzing with this new women in town who smokes a lot, doesn’t wear bra, and apparently are rich. For some reason, i don’t know if its her quirkiness or the fact that she doesn’t care, people are now glorifying her. She is Susi Pudjiastuti, the Indonesian Maritime minister. Now i don’t want to talk about her background or anything like that, i am just so annoyed by the numbers of post that people share (and of course the incompetent media of Indonesia) about how she is gonna bring a great change and success for Indonesia. A rather optimistic view, which is is fine and very encouraged for a society who has brand new ministry and government body. Thing that bothers me the most is that she did not finish high school. Not that it should be a problem or anything, we’ve seen the likes of Steve Job or Bill Gates dropping out of college (they still have a high school degree btw, It’s the bloody law) and achieving what we can only call a fucking huge pile of money and success. What bothers me the most is that people are actually proud about that fact.

Now i don’t know whether its her quirkiness or her past achievements (which i still not sure of, somebody please enlighten me on this) but apparently she is depicted as one of the saviour for Indonesia. My theory is that the public are buzzing because she was choosen by the choosen one. And of course also the fact that the media is making a big deal out of it.

What if she came from prabowo’s cabinet ? Would the response be the same ?
Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 11.45.33 am
Again, i am not saying  that she will do a bad job, it’s good if she does. Its just bothers me that the Indonesian public can just blatantly accept her appointment despite her lack of educational background. For me its weird how the people who glorify Jokowi because of his credential as a former governor and mocked Prabowo because of his lacking government related background can somehow now glorify someone who has an unclear credential as a country officer, let alone a minister.

The importance of standards, especially for a public servant for me is important. There is a reason why the US and Australia make going to high school a law. Whis is because in any organisation, we need to minimise of error. Certain job need certain knowledge, and those knowledge (together with general and some level googling expertise) need to be exercise, to be repeated, to be trained day by day, year by year so that when it comes to a crucial moment, they don’t make mistakes. Last week, Sunderland’s manager Gus Poyet has to suffer another loss because of the two blunder done by Manone and Wes Brown. During the interview, he said “they can do it 100 times and get it right” and yet, they made the blunder. A player who train and play every day at a professional level. And this is just football.

Again not that she hasn’t got any knowledge or anything, but the fact that many people are proud of her because of not finishing high school and because she smokes is disheartening.

At the end, her qualification will of course become irrelevant if she do a very good job. But what’s saddening is that it seems as if the Indonesian public has become over optimistic because of the Jokowi figure. Seems like there are an assumption that anything that Jokowi do, we should only support it, no doubt he will do a great job. Or something along that line. His presence is no doubt a good change of pace for Indonesian in a way that he raise the number of political participation and awareness. But whats concerning is that it seems as if we have lost our criticality over the government. And for the so called “biggest democratic coutry in the world” this needs to change.

The fact that Susi Pudjiastuti smokes and doesn’t bother to wear bra shouldn’t matter, but her qualification does. Put it this way, even football club like norwich city or even MK dons wouldn’t start a random dude they find on the street just because he looks interesting and juggles pretty good. He will of course gave to go through a tiring hell-ish training regime. Not because he is incapable or something. He might even be a very talented footballer. But football is not just about talent and experience . Its about working with and for the whole team and keep practicing for different conditions and circumstances. And if a small english football club wouldn’t do that, why would a country does ?

Of course at the end i should also say that high education does’t always guarantee good performance. Of course every single person has the right to not being doubted. But regardless of their background, we always need to make sure that people are doing their job right. That is why there is always  more than one people in the board of director. So that they can make sure that the people who are working in those organisation are working right. Even someone as high profiled as Steve Jobs can be fired for not doing his job right despite of his achievements and qualification. If so, then wouldn’t it be silly to not scrutinize even more those that doesn’t have one ?

All i’m saying is that we shouldn’t glorify somebody just because they appear to be good or is different from the normal curve or because they are somewhat quirky or even because they were chosen by the “king of Indonesia”.

Part of being in a democratic country is to keep a level headed judgement with a critical amount of scrutiny. Critiquing the bad, and praising the good. Not creating a fandom for the quirky. Susi will make mistakes, so does Jokowi, and our job as a countrymen is to point their mistakes so that they can do their job right. Not to cheer them with a freaking pompom and give them an ego boost.


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