Why hasn’t this over yet ?

When I get off my bed on the 10th of July, i was really hoping that i can enjoy my usual newsfeed on the social media. Not political, not attacks, nothing related to the election. Just another selfie from my friends, or memes, or anything basically. But I guess it’s never happening. And now, a week after the election, my newsfeed bubble still filled with attacks on Prabowo. I AM SICK.

First of all i want to make it clear that i did not vote for him. Nor did i vote for Jokowi, i was naive, idealistic, and could not care less about the fight between the people who i care about that i choose to work for some money instead.

But after this full week of videos of Prabowo supposedly “angrily screaming” at the media, i have to say that i am disappointed by the whole media industry in Indonesia. Not they have ever made me proud or anything.

I am not gonna talk about the candidates, I am sick of these talks, both of them are alright, I still cannot see them as being ready to lead Indonesia, and I am confident that the people of Indonesia will elect the President that they feel suitable with their country. So I will just leave it to each of you (instead of screaming which are better or something).

Okay, point now is that TV One is Shit, they are shitter than shit, if a shit can shit and the shit can shit another shit who can shit again for five thousand times, that still could not describe how shit TV One is. They shouldn’t call themselves a media outlet they should just call themselves a circus.

So does Metro TV. Both of them of course have owners and of course they want to back their owners, they will lose their jobs if they didn’t.

SO WHY ARE WE JUST BLAMMING TV ONE ?! each media have an agenda and not all of them can be subtle about it. We should understand that and try to see that it is not just one media that does that. I think TV ONE is slightly more okay as at least they are not claiming to be neutral while they are reporting all of these lies secretly to quietly tell people to follow their believes.

And while we are on this topic, some video went viral on how Prabowo are seen as being angry to Jakarta Post and Kompas. Two media outlet that openly supports Jokowi, probably Kompas not as much but Jakarta Post is.

First of all I am very disappointed with Jakarta post and probably will never read their news anymore. Don’t get me wrong, some of their reports are amazing, their analysis and opinion pieces are not too bad. But for a media outlet who is supposed to give public services for the nation and provide unbiased neutral news and facts, to openly support a candidate defy their purpose. For me I can no longer call them a News company, i can only call them a story maker. This rant also works on TV companies in Indonesia in particularly TV ONE and Metro TV.

Indonesian should understand that the news does not tell us what to do. Instead, they should give us the facts and figures to help us decide what to do. What the news owner, editor, or writers thinking about any issue is irrelevant to our decision, what we are going to decide is our personal rights and privilege, it is not the News company’s rights. And to endorse a candidate as news company means that they are telling their readers that the candidates that they are supporting are the right one. This biased the decision of their readers and hence takes away the rights of independently choosing the truth.

That for me is the ideal role of a media for a democratic country. Thing is it would require a critical and educated readers and I don’t think Indonesians are ready just yet. Even Indonesian graduates that studied overseas are not ready, that includes me. Not only because the education level, but also because of the norms and social ties that stopped us from making rational decision. Because some of the decisions are seen as immoral and irrational.

For me Prabowo was right when he ignored the question of Jakarta Post’s reporter. He is entitled to, the paper is openly biased and is no longer representing Democracy. To answer their question is to give disadvantage to his profile and more importantly the Indonesian perception of him. Of course the media would quote him and if he speaks carefully he might be able to avoid unfair reporting. But we must remember that the reporters come there looking not for news but for quotes. They already have the story, the angle, they just needed the quotes. And i think it’s unfair that a media that are already openly biased have the same rights as other media because they abandoned the basic principle of Journalism. They are openly endorsing a candidate in the name of Journalist who were kidnapped and died during the “so claimed” prabowo regime in 1998 for pursuing the truth, and yet here, they ignored the facts and truth and create their own story instead. If Prabowo is indeed the wrong candidate (which they probably is right about) then show it through facts, figures, analysis, so that people can see the consequences and possible decision that could be made if he lead the country. Give people the chance to decide, not persuaded.

I think it would be an act of class if the Jakarta post just decided to stop pursuing the story and just report the later announcement of the result. The votes are made and the people already decided, there’s nothing to report anymore and there’s no need to change the people perception anymore. They’ve done one sin and why don’t they just rebuild their integrity.

They made a sacrifice they thought is necessary for Indonesia, and I think it’s fair enough from an Indonesian point of view. From a media point of view, i think they should rebuild that integrity that they lost.

Anywho, since each of you has choosen your own leader and probably is biased already and will tell me about the murder or anything or something about bocor or HAM. I’ll just shut up now.

Because apparently the greatest leader of Indonesia is not judged by their plans and decisions but by their past, appearances, race, religion, and people’s prejudice on them.


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