Democracy: i think it’s no longer fun anymore people

So in few weeks, Indonesia will have their biggest party of democracy yet. With two extremes battling for one position (for the first time ever), one being the people person, one being the strong (and controversial) figure kind of person. Now i’m not gonna talk about the cliche of which candidates is better or whatever, i think each one of them has their own positives and negatives. I am just utterly sick of the people behind them, the voters, the Indonesian people, well, you ! you sick selfish pumpkin headed moron and i am going to rant about it. If you think you won’t like what i am about to write, then piss off, go to tribunnews, detik, or something like that. I don’t care. I am writing this as i still believe in the beauty and the sanctity of a written piece.


The beauty of democracy is that it gets people together, it allows people with different perspectives sit at the same table, talk about their differences, and discuss about it. With that, people are allowed the opportunity to at least understand each other, challenge each other’s believe, stretching  the extent of their believes as far as possible, so at the end they can find the most sensible solution, logic, or theory from whatever it is the topic they are discussing. If say people are talking about meat, then a good democratic discussion would involve a “normal” carnivore like me and a vegan to discuss about the pros and cons of eating meat. So meat is murder but we need protein and its in the food chain although actually its a bit inhuman blablabla.  The discussion can go on for literally hours. And i think that’s the beauty of democracy. There is no right or wrong, You continually negotiates each other’s believe to the point that we can understand a bit of other’s point of view and other people with different believe can understand a bit of our point of view. At the end, by creating this mutual understanding, if say they need to make a policy out of it, then they can calmly discuss a policy that is best for both of them. In the meat case, they can probably limit the number of meat supply or something like that, i don’t know, i never actually discussed this with a vegan before (would love to by the way!), but you get the idea!

What’s happening now in my beautiful, informative, and yet ridiculous and odd Facebook newsfeed is that the people i know are somehow became separated into two sides. We can call them, i don’t know, left and right (If you know what i mean). And the people who used to have mutual respects between one another has suddenly argued over a presidential candidate who doesn’t even know them. Who doesn’t even hate each other. These people are acting as if a victory by another candidate means the end of Indonesia. Even North Koreans are fine with Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un (just saying). We hasn’t seen the worst people! I don’t understand if this was supposed to be called democracy or war. I would appreciate the differences if they would in the end discuss about the policy, or the potential cabinet formation, or whatever it is that is policy related. And after that shake each other’s hands and went out together to the coffee house, play some poker together, and be, you know,  friends. But no, people are actually insulting each other, making fun of opposition side for being single, or fat, or Chinese, or poor-looking (?). Why people? why? And still, people still proudly call themselves of doing the “democracy”.


You can see at the past two presidential debate. People are actually cheering for each other, booing the other side, and mocking each other (especially when certain topic come up). Now i don’t know how it feels to live in 1998, i don’t know how awful it is or whatever, but for me it doesn’t justify how you should react in a formal presidential debate that millions and millions of people both locally and internationally are watching. It’s not a bloody football match for God’s sake. People are taking it too personal. Well of course at the end whoever elected to be the president will affect each people because of their policy et cetera. But there is a different in discussing which is best for your nation and winning over the other side.

Democracy is supposed to bring two opposite sides a neutral solution that benefits each side. And there are no sides in this context, there are no number one side or number two side, no right or left, there is only one side, the side of Indonesia. So let’s not be competitive and get carried away with wanting your own side to win, just sit down, talk with your friends, forget your preference and discuss the pros and cons of every candidates. That way you don’t lose a friend, and hopefully the most suitable candidate won.

It’s not a competition between two sides people, it’s an opportunity to move forward together.

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