Perspektif: A Dream, A Medium, A Movement

The time i attended my first media lecture was the time i knew that i want to know something more about this shit. I was just 17 at the time, and yet the subject matter as itself has attracted me and convinced me that this knowledge that i am about to have is gonna change the world. And the more i learn about it, the more i am sure that media is the key to a better society (amongst other knowledge of course). I was really surprised how something that was presented by these small bunch of people can influence millions of other oblivious bunch of confused mind. This sudden knowledge of this cruel industry has led me to the realisation that we’ve been controlled by these bunch of people for all of our live.

It was a usual night when me and my housemate at the time disused about how fucked up the world and the media is. As John Mayer said,

when you trust your television
What you get is what you got
Cause when they own the information, oh
They can bend it all they want

and as almost all of my lecturer said, every single text in the medium is so well crafted to fit a particular purpose or campaign.

It is at that time that an idea struck me of starting my own magazine, my own media product, my own way of sharing the information. We talked about various possibilities at that time and how amazing this thing can be. How we can be a vehicle for people to discuss social matters, to share their thoughts, to be free from the already written and crafted words of nowadays news. I fell in love with the idea.

Few weeks after that, i discussed this with my other great friend and decided to try and make it. She was also a big believer in the media and we share the same believes. Through the help of our own organisation and the great people behind it, we finally worked for it and tried to create this amazing dream that we share. It is always nice to share the same dream with a lot of people, and then they understand what the dream was all about and hop on board to fight for it. This idea has no longer become my own dream, but it eventually become a mutual projects from a bunch of not so smart people who want to mediate the discussion that is lacking from our contemporary social sphere.

During the process, i realise that not only we can share the idea with the reader, but during the process of even thinking about the theme, we are already thinking about lots and lots of abstract idea. It can be political, it can be cultural, it can be sociological, but at least people are discussing with their own self the thing that they care about.


In writing a piece, people don’t only write what they belief in, they negotiate with their own beliefs. They create this imaginary discussion with their own self and together trying to figure out whatever it is that both them and their belief think is true about the subject matter. A discussion that later can be enjoyed and joined by hundreds of other people. A way of communication that for me become the very core of democracy.

Now that we are trying to produce our second edition, i realised that this is not just a discussion. But more, this is a movement, a way of protesting the mainstream media, a way of saying that “Hey Murdoch ! we don’t believe in you, we can find our own truth, and instead of reading your news, i’d write it myself !”

My only hope with this is that by involving as many people as we can to the production of this magazine, we can show how easily people can create news and how truthful and untruthful it can be. We want to share the believes that the media is now always right, and instead of reading it, why don’t we hop on board to whatever media we are enjoying and create a discussion with them.

After all, Newton didn’t figured out the law of gravity by reading the situation (the apple falling thingy) but discussing with himself why it happened.


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