2014 Election: I don’t think i’ll vote this time

Lately i somehow find myself asking or being asked about which presidential candidate i/people would vote for. With the presidential election coming very soon, i think we should prepare ourselves of the many debates, questions, and mockeries around our social media or even our actual social spaces. whatever the result is, i think this year’s election would be the most annoying one Indonesia will ever have.

Between the authoritarian and the humble cat in the bag, we could not be more confuse of which candidate to choose. Well at least me and most of the people i live around. In a way, i feel lucky that i live a bit far from homeland, so i am secluded from all of the news and coffee shop discussions with taxi drivers about this whole stuff (don’t bother talking to them, they are like vegans, no matter how true you are, you will always be wrong). Even now, i feel kind of annoyed looking at my Facebook newsfeed, finding my friends sharing these cheesy news from a rat ass online media mocking at one candidate while few scrolls later my other friend posted a video about how saint that candidate is. That is the beauty of politics i guess. But i just hope people are not as shallow as they are now.

The trend is that less educated people(no offence) prefer Jokowi, because he is such a charming figure, humble, doesn’t mind a bit water in his feet, smiles a lot, and actually interact with the people. while on the other extreme, people who feel like they are more educated (yes offence) tend to prefer Prabowo as he is smart, young hearted, and God is he fancy (he rides a bloody horse and wears a fancy sword up his front). And sadly, i think that is the farthest that people consider the candidates. Well yeah, some of them read the mission statement. Or more like the “hey i am just writing you to make you happy so that you vote me” letter.


I don’t think people really consider much on which party supports which, what coalition were formed, why is it that this party prefers that, what does that mean, how many chairs in the government will this party win, if the guy gets to be president what can he actually do with ARB at one side and Superwati at the other side? Instead, people just concentrate on how Prabowo will banish all of the chinese blooded Indonesian from Indonesia, and how Jokowi will be a the first president that will grow its own rice (i don’t know what i’m talking about, i’m just painting a picture). People obsessively surge through Youtube, “news media” (detik, tribune, okezone), and shares insulting memes and mock the other side without really thinking the implication of their choices. It is as if the candidates are sports team and we are just supporting them so that we know our team will be better than the other team, so that i can mock that annoying taxi driver that supports the other team. Well the thing is is not about who wins what, but who leads our country. NOT only the president, but also the people that gets to seat at the parliament.

The majority of the people here are undecided, hell, all of them are undecided. Which i think is better. It just show that people really care more about their country than being on the winning side. Thing is, more people are undecided and doesn’t even know. They ask their parents or teacher on who to vote, they look at their Facebook newsfeed, they watch the TV, which i think is dangerous. First of all your parents and teacher are not always right, your Facebook newsfeed can be posted by a five year old, and the TV is run by the presidential candidate, so there is no use looking at them.

Go out, discuss with people, criticise each other (avoid hair pulling tho), and make your own conclusion. And if your conclusion is that both candidates are shit, just don’t vote. The TV and the so many people whose keep saying that you missed out if you don’t vote is just trying to get their team win. You don’t have to pick one orange at the supermarket if they are all sour now do you (unless you like sour stuff)? If all people doesn’t vote, that might just mean that they have to come up with a better candidates anyway.

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