Just stop it you grass eating people

twenty-one years i have lived in this messed up world and not a single second was i right about anything. Anything at all. From the best music(which is John Mayer’s by the way) to the best movies, i will always be wrong. The beauty about being a human (or at least believing that i still count as a human) is to have the opportunity to be different. Different about every single thing. I think Humans are the only beings that posses such vast differences among themselves that if we group them into sub-species, we will approach almost infinity. Thing is, we tend to not embrace these differences but instead try to abolish it. We are obsessed with the equalisation of unique differences. We created social rules and norms so that people will operate in a similar fashion, dress in an acceptable way,  and say just the desirable words and opinions. We are asked to abandoned our own opinion in favour of dull similarity.

As humanity get modernised, these differences admittedly are handled better by the society and started to be accepted. People no longer need to hide when they want to kiss their fellow gender, more even, men are no longer obliged to open the door for women. Thanks to those social movement and protest, we can finally approach the state of freedom and equality. Humanity has finally reach a stage where they can develop themselves to the fullest. Or can they ?

Unfortunately, humans do have the need to be regulated by rules. Weirdly, for someone who claims that they need freedom so much, we are very obsessed to create rules. I don’t really understand why, i think we constantly needs to make sure that everybody acts in a way so that no one is surprised by the sudden “different” action that could be done by others. We do not like surprises. As much as we love those birthday surprise in the middle of the night that disrupt our bloody sleep, we do not like surprise. We hate looking at man kissing man in the 1890s. We hate having people looking at our personal email. We hate admitting that we love the taste of shark fin. All because its uncommon, its a surprise, and our initial responses to something new is to avoid it somehow. I guess that is how rules were made.


Oh i hate it so much how we constantly creates unnecessary rules. From marijuana to whales, people kept on accepting and forbidding things that is new or old but as it turns out was fine. And more annoyingly, we do not have the power to do that. Our democracy system is so silly that people with badly written posters and weird unwashed hair are the one who have the power to demand such amendment for the rules. People who claims to be extremist, people who doesn’t believe in diversity (of course they don’t, they only believe in one value and disregarding others without thoroughly understanding it). I personally believe that there are never any such thing as an undisputed right answer for anything. Because as far as an opinion can go, every single one of the will have their own merit and validity, and to consider these various views and combine it together is i think way better than swearing at the other side of the argument. Except for Tony Abbott, cause he is very wrong. No one can be more wrong than him.

Anywho, i am constantly irritated by how silly those extremist can be. I heard someone were protesting about horse race and how inhuman that could be. Excuse me sir, but you do watch the olympics do you? Bunch of two-legged horses with human like face running around for your pleasure there. (no offence athletes, you are human, i just want to paint a picture, please don’t sue me, you guys are awesome).

And don’t get me started on vegetarianism. MEAT IS MURDER ! Well indeed, so does that salad that you are eating you pesky grass eating apes. I mean why should we feel sorry for “slowly putting down” a cow or pigs for our appetite? A lion does’t feel sorry when they ate a buffalo, A snake doesn’t feel sorry when they bit your legs, and those bloody magpies doesn’t feel guilty when they poop on you and peck on your eyes for fun. That is just how the nature work, that is just their way to survive. And we too need to survive. Theres a reason we have four sets of canine teeth. Is not like we endanger others by doing and eating whatever it is that we eat. And if extinction is your excuse, then you must be one of the most arrogant people ever lived in the world as you feel like you are very superior that you should control all the things in the world. Look, every beings on earth (including us humans) will extinct at one point. One of which reason is survival. Evolution dictates so. A tiger might get extinct because the climate are getting colder and the trees that their prey usually eat dies and their prey will die and so will the tigers. That nature, not because we freaking catch it in the zoo. And no, stopping us from catching them won’t stop the extinction as nature will is the ultimate decision maker.

Apology if i offend anybody, but i guess for me thats how the circle of life works. Remember what Mufasa said ? What i am trying to say is that if you don’t like people doing certain things or eat certain animal, or watch certain entertainment. Then don’t do it, ignore them. Don’t run around like a freaking cat chasing those bloody laser just so you won’t feel guilty or uneasy for something that people do but you don’t. I know i contradict myself by criticising the criticiser, so i guess these one thousand words of rant is useless.



One thought on “Just stop it you grass eating people

  1. Yeah um, I understand some vegetarians/vegans/animals rights activists can be a little too passionate about their cause, some are just downright dumb (like PETA), but comparing vegetarians to ‘grass-eating apes’ isn’t cool either.

    I’m not a vegetarian, nor will i be anytime soon, but some of their arguments are pretty valid. humans are blessed with ‘higher thinking’, morality included. unlike animals, we don’t have the same choice animals do when they dont eat a certain thing to survive, we’re not ‘true carnivores’, hence why our canine teeth arent as long as like, cats or dogs (or bigger versions of them). unlike animals, we actually mass-produce and slaughter animals in an inhumane (especially if we’re talking ‘hallal’ slaughters), less environmentally-friendly way, but im not gonna explain each of these since i dont want to ‘further the vegetarian agenda’, you can do your own research.

    “if you don’t like people doing certain things or eat certain animal, or watch certain entertainment. Then don’t do it, ignore them. Don’t run around like a freaking cat chasing those bloody laser just so you won’t feel guilty or uneasy for something that people do but you don’t.” –> you’re doing the EXACT same thing, and I know you realised this. nobody really forces you to NOT eat animal products, so why bother? you have all the rights to eat anything you want, but you can acknowledge some valid points, and move on. otherwise, you could really benefit from additional research.

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