Efek Pandai Rumah Besi Kaca

“it’s never about the people behind the music. It’s about the message”

I’m never of a big music enthusiast, i listen to it, i play it, i dance to it, but i’m never the kind of guy who knows the genre of a particular music, the meaning behind it, the influences of that particular song and so on. I am just a spectator, a normal listener who appreciate the feeling that i get from listening to particular song. Sharing happiness, sadness, confusion, anger, and disappointment with every tone and words of any music, any band, any artists.

Efek Rumah Kaca however, is a different movement, ERK is not only about the music. I somehow know about this, and a lot of people i am sure also realised this. Their music can be a bit experimental and shit, but somehow, as similar as they can be to Sore, they have this strange buzz around their music. A force that is even bigger than music, a movement, a protest that are so subtle that we don’t even need to care about it.

Watching and listening to Pandai Besi, their alter ego, their second personality, the darth vader of their anakin skywalker, i realised that the music is just a part of an even bigger thing. whats important is their protest, the movement, the words, the punch in the face.

its just nice that in the middle of this carnival of money making business called music industry, people like ERK and other can still emerge. Diminishing the barrier of the so called capitalism and massacre of individual creativity. Bringing back the power to have a small say. To shout at whatever it is that people wants to shout about. For me, panda besi and Efek Rumah Kaca has just proven to me that people are awesome. We are not just a bunch of floating brain after all. We do still think.


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