MH370: You people are really really stupid !

So after almost three weeks containing myself from writing about this, i finally gave up, so here it goes guys, sorry and bare with me please.

First of all, i don’t want to comment on the technicality or the reason why it just magically disappeared. I am not really in the place to talk about that and after speaking with a fluid mechanism expert (which he himself couldn’t really understand the reason) i am a bit convinced that this is the work of Martians (:P).

Anywho, i just want to comment on how the media and the public interact with each other. First of all, this case has become yet another example of how oblivious the public can be about what the media might or might not know. How can somebody, in the course of five days continuously changes their believes in the case without even trying to at least rethink about it. The stolen passport, the terrorism, the pilot’s dark secret, the malaysian political issue diversion, and other media speculation that are for me ridiculous to read and more even to believe in. And yet, people are still desperately clinging to every single detail that they can hold on to, hoping that this catastrophic tragedy can quickly resolve by them acting as a modern day Sherlock Holmes and drawing their own investigation by whatever clue they find (in this case, whatever the media are presenting). Forgetting that the media are doing the million reports just because they need to compete with each other for the ultimate price of rating or readership.

Every statement, every press release, every interview were presented with no intention of finding the truth behind the mystery (well, probably there was some) but rather to seek something unique from other media that they can sell exclusively so that the million eyes of public turns towards them. I cannot even begin to describe how prosperous a media company can be by releasing the first press release or the first discovered debris.


Its even more devastating when this saddening phenomenon are accompanied by the death of a rock legend. I cannot even put the state of my grief towards these poor people of earth into words when this morning i heard the news of Mick Jagger’s dead wife taking the headline together with the jet’s story. Not that i don’t respect her death or anything, to Mick i send my deepest condolences. But the way that these two topics are in a way presented with an equal share of importance is sickening. How can our grief towards hundreds of missing (and most likely dead) people be equal to the death of an ageing rockstar’s wife who just canceled his show to Australia as a result of it. I do understand that the proximity principal of journalism does apply, and that arguably, Mick jagger has more impact to our life than the few hundreds victims of the MH 370 which we don’t even know.

Sadly, this happens because there is a demand for such news. And just few hours ago, on 7/11’s magazine rack, out of more than 20 magazines, there were only one magazine that even mentioned the tragedy. Some are focussing on Miranda Kerr’s boob job, some about Selena Gomez’s pregnancy, and some about Cars or actual boobs. These kind of contents are there because we demanded it to be there. Because we kept on buying and buying the content, because we care more about some teenage singer’s life or some perky model’s boobs.

And yet we still acted as if we care about it. Sharing every possible news and information that might not even be remotely true. Doesn’t the magazines proven enough ? didn’t that morning show demonstrate enough ? our extend of care towards the issue. Why don’t we just accept the truth that we indeed doesn’t really care. We are just curious, we are just talking about it because the media told us to, we are just participating in the conforming culture. If we do care, i don’t think that kind of controversial news that hurts the heart of a pilot’s daughter will ever sell. They won’t even considered it.



One thought on “MH370: You people are really really stupid !

  1. “death of a rock star legend”?

    L’Wren Scott’s death, just like any other “celebrity deaths” (Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Walker, Steve Jobs, etc.) are often compared to victims of tragedies, natural disasters, and poverty. “1 million cried for ____, and none cried for /this/ 1 million”, said the recycled memes often seen in people’s timelines, starring starving, doe-eyed African children, reaching their arms out to the photographer.

    Deaths of celebrities are definitely not more important than these people, but how is it any less important than theirs? Just because they are celebrities and they are easily outweighed in numbers of lets say, casualties, does that mean their deaths are infinitely less important?

    They are too, human, after all.

    And it’s not like those who post these memes are all volunteers in developing countries anyway. It’s just to feed the holier-than-thou attitude that seem to infiltrate the masses all too often.

    Take this as you may, but for those having faced grief firsthand, I think the death of a billion people would still not compare to a loved one’s death.

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