Jokowi: a Messiah bigger than Jesus

So few nights ago marks Megawati’s (the leader of Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan) mandate to one of the hottest, most talked about, and most admired figure in Indonesia at the moment, Jokowi. It is just a few years ago when the politically oblivious people of Indonesia are made aware of a supposedly humble and down to earth little mayor from a small city just north east of Yogyakarta, Solo. At that time, he made quite a number of breakthrough, mediating the gap between the people, the “people with money”, and the government. Not only that, he had also successfully raised the living standard in solo (giving health and education insurance) and more importantly insurance for the local businesses. Not only that, the local economy had grew better than ever at the time, the people who was in the system was also happy (a rare thing to have -that is money and happiness- usually it works the other way around).

He went on and win quite an award after that two period of being mayor. one of which is being the third winner of world mayor prize, by developing and bringing solo to become the centre of arts and culture. A status the city already have even before his appearance. Despite of that, his reputation catapulted as fast as Justin Bieber’s fame. Even faster i think. He was named as the voice and sound of change for Indoensia, the ideal leader that will bring Indonesia to prosperity and wealth. Despite of his reluctance, he went on and became the governor of Jakarta, a city no one can ever predict. The very definition of chaos.

If chaos was a child, then Jakarta would be its loving mother who gave birth to it.

I remember seeing this beautifully made video of him in his campaign on becoming the governor, with a relatively modern and contemporary campaign, he utilises young people and technology to help him win the governor seat in Jakarta. He went into so much trouble and effort campaigning throughout the dirty city of Jakarta, shaking what could literally be a million hands, and telling thousands and thousands of rehearsed speeches. All from a people who said that he just wanted to continue carpentering after he finishes his mayor duty. For me, he kind of look like c3p0, doing a job from either anakin or princess Leia (in this case princess Megawati) with no option of saying no as he was programmed that way.

Don’t get me wrong, both c3p0 and Jokowi are more than capable to do a very good job at doing whatever it is they are instructed to do. The optimism and confidence of Jakarta’s people has never been so high. And despite of the lacking physical improvement at the city of Jakarta itself, after more than a year of his governance the system inside Jakarta’s local government has slowly getting better. And yet, after this one good year, he now has to accept the mandatory duty of being a presidential candidate.


It is a mystery for me on why do people really want him to be a president after his relatively fast ascendance in the Indonesian government body. I remember hearing the name Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono for the first time from the democratic party, with a lot of optimism and hope behind him, we went on and trusted him with two periods of presidency. At the end, almost more than 60% of Indonesians hate him.

It is very true that Jokowi’s reputation is mind bogglingly awesome, his personality and the way he presents himself, not to forget the way he show his decision making in front of the people is exhilarating. He has raised himself up to be this messiah among the corruptors and liers , giving even the people from outside Solo and Jakarta a hope for a better Indonesian government mentality. He has gained so much respect from the oppressed people of Indonesia that even now, they believe more in Jokowi than in their own president or even sometimes their own parents.

The problem, is that people don’t really understand how presidential power work, nor do i. But at least, we have to and are still able to consider quite a lot of thing. First things first, being a presidential candidate is not as easy as flicking a switch to turn a lights on in a dark room. If it is that easy, the world will be a better place right now. Every presidential candidate has to bring about their party’s needs and intention. This means that he has to in a way pay his party’s support by making a decision that wouldn’t damage the party or even a decision that would benefit the party.

Second thing, the sponsors, a campaign takes a lot of money, Jokowi is not a wealthy men, at least not as wealthy as ARB, so how would he pay back the money he “borrowed” from this wealthy people behind him? A question which have the similar answer with the previous one.

My third and biggest question is, why now? He had always said in an interview that he want to focus at the duty he have right now, which is either as a member of PDIP or a member of government. He so far has showed us his rigidity as a governor. And all of a sudden, he is now ready to abandon this duty (which is not easy) that he has done very well so far to do a job his boss in his party ask. He has in a way abandon the people of Jakarta to do a job for a political party, to safe its mere reputation. Is the future of this political party is more important than the future of Jakarta and its people?

I guess one of the reason is the people of Indonesia themselves. We are so easily amazed by a figure that even though they look so inspiring in the outside, with the help of the media of course, we will forget to consider all of other things and just blatantly support them and admire them. And by idolising him, we have make him powerless against either the political party and ourselves. Despite of his readiness, he have no other option.

Nonetheless, i still cannot quite grasp his logic behind this, all i know is that he won’t back off now. And please do not think bad of him, of all the presidential candidate we saw so far, he is the most capable and trustworthy than most of the other rats. At least for now. But this sudden decision of him just made me wonder. If he does become the President of Indonesia in the near future, does he make a decision in favour of his duty as a president that is for the people. Or will he make a decision for his duty as PDIP’s member, for Megawati? Well, we shall only wait and see.


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