Cigarettes: i don’t even know what to write as a tittle : BRAIN FART !

Fifty years ago, if we ask people for an item that will make you a million degrees hotter, the answer would be Cigarettes (DUM DUM DUM DUUUUUUMMMM !!! Horror music follows)

Historically, tobacco is not a modern invention, it tracks back to the era of our great great grandfathers (or mothers for those who demand equality) who used to roll tobacco inside some kind of leaf or something like that. This was pretty much the normal thing to do i think, and not only in America, Indonesian was even better at doing this. Ask those Indonesian high school kids who gets to live deep in the village. They’ll be able to tell you how amazing those traditional rolled cigarettes are.

It is not until the greedy invented this tool (again, they always know how to make invention apparently, as long as money is involved) for rolling cigarettes that cigarettes’s popularity has not only raised but it has also became a commodity. During the communication era, cigarettes has become even more popular, with media moguls realising that they can make more than too much money from ads and cigarettes company realising that ads are really really really great for their business. Macho cowboys were everywhere, hollywood movies were full of smokers, camel has suddenly become one of the most favourite animal among humans, even Tom and Jerry were endorsed by cigarettes for a brief period back then for God’s sake. Cigarettes has become like this tool given by Gods of mercy to the human so that they can have a taste of heaven.

Unfortunately, smart people will have to come (again) and save us from the fun. Health problem were soon discovered, environment were endangered, smoking … has become a sin. Soon, this small heavenly tools turned into lucifer’s scythe with burning and smoky top. Cigarettes was blamed not only for personal health problem, climate change, child problem, passive smoking, and other creepy shit was put in hand to scare people away from smoking. Now i don’t know whats with the sudden fuzz and care on one’s health (which is by the way, is a completely personal choice, people can choose whether they want to be sick or even dead, i don’t think pushing them to not smoke using their health is just not fair and equal). Probably the cigarettes company loose a bet or betray the tv company or something, or they don’t pay enough tax or anything, but what we know is that now, smoking is a really really bad thing to do. Not only biologically anymore, apparently social consequences has also become a factor now. With smoking room and shit. I don’t mind the idea of smoking room, thats just fair for non smoker, but the judging eye is just annoying. You know what, judging a smoker is no better than being racist.



If you’re gonna throw another environmental and climate change argument towards me, you’re gonna have to do that to a bunch of pooping cows first, then coal companies, oil companies, car and motorbike users, then you can start talking with smokers about “polluting” the environment.

I don’t want yo justify that smoking is right, or even that it is wrong. Clearly, people are wise enough to choose and decide whether it is good for them or not. I’m just sick with this whole fake caring society that acted as if they care about our help and take our cigarettes money away towards the quit program. Just stop judging and shit, the only harmful thing cigarettes has done to any of us is just towards the smokers. The consequences that non smoker and environment must bare are not that significant enough to force people stop smoking. Whatever it is the reason of them smoking, at some point, if cigarettes really is bad for them, then they’re gonna stop by them self. They are aware of the problem and choose not to worry about it. Why don’t you ? its not your life, its theirs.


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