I’m a black Chinese and was born in Indonesia, Fuck me right ?

People always say, “don’t judge the book by its cover”

I say, fuck that ..

I mean come on dude, will you not judge a book with a cover of two dolphins humping each other’s brains out ? You wouldn’t read it would you ? It was just a few weeks ago that i bought a completely incomplete sherlock book while i already have the complete version on my iPad just because its cover was made by a nice brown leather. It is our nature, we are professionally trained by our nature and culture to judge and make perceptions. And yet we live by this hypocricy that we mustn’t judge. While at the same time judging.

It is really tiring looking at how people tried to make protests and racial equality moves. In my mind, they are like a bunch of mouses trying to protest their way to be accepted by a colony of possums. I cannot understand that after living for horribly long time, human being still cannot see that they are indeed different. And instead of accepting it, they tried to fix it. How crazy is that?

Its interesting how now in Indonesia, Jakarta especially, we have our first “Chinese” vice governor. Yes i put the “Chinese” in the most satirical way possible, he spent his entire life as Indonesian after all. While around my family there are many positive responses, apparently people don’t really like it in general. I guess thats because my family are also “Chinese”. Probably if i live with only indigenous Indonesian, i would probably be one of the people who send the blackmailing letters to Chinese Indonesians.

We human, are aggressively obsessed by these physical differences that they create wars between each other, but at the same time trying to get the most of the other race for their benefits. I mean Javanese people may hate Chinese-Indonesian, but they do like their money. Or the food that they make at the very least.

I have heard lots and lots of discussions on these physical fucking differences. How some people are not ready for leaders from different race, how people are afraid of Chinese businessmen taking over their land, how Chinese people feel that they are now accepted in Indonesia (you are never been more wrong my friend), how peace is so close and so on and so forth. To be fair, i grant you that the daily behaviour in between these races are normal, they can even operate with each other’s presence around, they can work together and stuff. But whether it is with an open heart or with hatred, i wouldn’t know.

chinese cartoon


It was only a few weeks ago that a picture of a nun holding hands with a muslim trying to cross the street goes viral in Indonesian social network. As if these kind of things is like a miracle, like a unicorn pooping gold on your backyard and puking chocolate rainbow with diamond sprinkles. And don’t get me started on how people will talk and talk and talk about a Catholic Chinese Indonesian marrying a Muslim Javanese. Judging eyes and mouths will follow them wherever they go (around Indonesia at least). I still can’t believe how naive people are, thinking that we already achieve equality when we still see the differences and highlighting it when the two colour meets.

It is for me the case of looking at a half full or half empty glass (although technically the glass was always full, most of the time with air …… i guess). We are trained to look things, especially regarding racial matter, from one perspective. People don’t understand that they can look at the similarities instead of the differences. Well i guess its human nature, or animalistic nature, i don’t know. Some kind of innate defence mechanism that after all these million years has apparently still differentiate between one and another. Even if when we are looking at the similarities, the differences will start highlighting themselves and the hatred will be nurtured. I guess this is why racial issue has always been a “sensitive” issue. I think at the very truth, people don’t really like each other, they don’t feel safe when they find someone different.

some people will say, hey no, this writer is shit, i don’t do that, i sit beside a Chinese guy at a lecture the other night and i don’t even hate him. Well for the people who say that, i’ll say good on you. let’s see what you think when that guy become your prime minister.

at the very least, i just wanna say that hey, don’t you all feel tired of this equal race movement? is it even worth it? do you really want to have the same job as those Chinese businessmen? I assure you that numbers aren’t that exciting dude. Why don’t we just embrace the differences and do what we do best? Chinese with numbers, Javanese with arts, and other race (that i won’t want to mention since i don’t represent their race and i might offend them) with their own stuff that they are good at. After all Indonesia was a way better place in the Majapahit era, when people only farm and harvest instead of trying to be westerners and work at the office.

After all, a horse can always carry stuff and run fast but they can’t fly to decorate the sky. It’s just not their role. And damn the sky will look ugly.


4 thoughts on “I’m a black Chinese and was born in Indonesia, Fuck me right ?

  1. I think the point of equal rights movements isn’t so much that the mice are blindly accepted by possums, but more like they acknowledge each others’ differences, and yet be granted the same civic rights regardless of these (because they’re all rodents after all), and work hand in hand to achieve prosperity. The mice aren’t trying to magically transform into or even “pass” as possums; it’s never going to happen. Instead, the mice are trying to cooperate with the possums to survive -they’re willing to help out and share the burden of gathering enough food for winter, as an example- and they would find it a lot easier and nicer if the possums would stop giving them dirty looks and whisper about their fur and tails.

    Surely possums aren’t necessarily better than mice just because they’re bigger and can climb trees, right? And you wouldn’t think all mice are devastating pests, since they’re historically known to be useful in human laboratories, no?

    Regarding the anti Chinese-Indo sentiments… I’d say we’re still a long way from legitimate tolerance, but at least in the eyes of the law and legislations, they’re recognised as fully Indonesians now. It’s definitely a leap from the troublesome times in the 1960’s and late 1990’s.

    However, do ask yourself this: if you were an ordinary Chinese-Indonesian in those era, would you stay quiet and accept the reality that you’re persecuted for something you didn’t do? That you’re targeted for hate over “mistakes” made by a percentage of people who simply share a similar shade of skin tone, or beliefs? Wouldn’t you want to at least try to achieve that same level of acceptance and fairness before the law, and everyone else?

    If the Chinese-Indo example isn’t enough, then take a more extreme example. You could look into the African-American civil rights movement in the US. Back in the day, is it worth it for those civil rights activists to fight for the eradication of Jim Crow laws?

    Equal rights shouldn’t be a privilege, it should be mandatory.

  2. Oh wow. Let me start my scrutiny from the very beginning.

    “….will you not judge a book with a cover of two dolphins humping each other’s brains out ? You wouldn’t read it would you?” – I would read it. Although the cover might be considered vulgar by some people, the content MIGHT be interesting. You can judge a book by its cover to some extent, since book’s cover is arguably a part of the book’s marketing effort. My point is, it’s just not the right example to go with.

    For the next paragraph, I think you are just missing the whole idea of racial equality, or perhaps you are just confusing the definition of equality and homogeneity. Racial equality is about receiving the same amount of respect, for any cultures out there. Being equal does not necessarily mean being homogenous. We can be equal and different at the same time. What those activists trying to achieve from their rallies, protests or movements are equality for the advocated races to protect them against discrimination. To some extent they also want to better their life. I believe you are not suggesting that black people should remain to be slaves because they are ‘good’ at it? Or that Javanese people should remain to be farmers and fishermen because that is innate to them?

    “…Probably if i live with only indigenous Indonesian, i would probably be one of the people who send the blackmailing letters to Chinese Indonesians” – there just seems to be something… off with this sentence. It is not a very safe assumption, and might insult any native Indonesians who read this.

    At least I am agree when you say that people generally do never like others who differ from their own. Probably not to the extent of loathing, but it is true that people tend to hang out with others who share common characteristics as they do. Differences lead to major problems when one begins to think that s/he is better than the others. Self-righteousness; with that, people are getting nowhere.

    The second last paragraph sounds very pessimistic. I mean, come on. Who is one to say that numbers are not exciting, or Javanese should stick to arts and be ‘different’? Each one of us is unique. There are Chinese people out there who are very talented in arts and Javanese people who are, well, scholarly and genius. Also, I don’t think that back at the era of Majapahit, people from Western countries actually do 9 to 5. You are comparing two different time periods and they just do not match up, and will never be. I do not suppose that Indonesia in 21st century is going to be a better country if all the people stick to traditional farming or fishing. Or are you one of those with golden age thinking?

    Additional note: there is a mythical animal called Pegasus, which resembles a horse and is capable of flying. Or a flying unicorn. They might look good on the sky, maybe.

  3. It is really exciting that we share a mutual interest towards this topic, considering 1998 was less than 20 years ago .. i think despite of how we may differ in some points, it is a good thing that we can now at least openly talk about it (hope it won’t stop in the future).

    i guess what i wrote was a really shallow kind of opinion that i wasn’t really thinking through .. i guess i tend to do that .. anywho, i trying to put a new view that probably, as similar as we are biologically, we might have different roles after all .. like with the mice-possum predicament or any animal in the food chain or something .. but i guess it’s still to soon to tell .. we’ll just have to wait and see ..

    and yeah pegasus and unicorn would be nice, but a brown horse with hairy wings and its inappropriately long lightsaber dangling around would be creepy :p

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