@aniyudhoyono: a rant on the moronic people of Indonesia

As a media and communication student commencing his final year, I think there is one particular country that can represent the mechanism of how contemporary media operates and gave its impact towards our society. Nor only for the modern Indonesian society, but also at a broader spectrum that is the global society. I think it was kind of boring to follow what happened at the Indonesian media before, as it is just as blatantly stupid as other media industry in other countries. Biased news, drama series, consumerism, commercialisation, and so on and on. These sort of quality that the media industry deliver (unsurprisingly everywhere in the world) has been taken as normality for someone who understand or even merely understands the media industry like me.

The modern media, in particular the social media, however has proven to us that the media industry and their technology has yet to give is their best. We have already seen how Facebook changed our way of communicating, our social conduct, and most importantly the very blue print of our social act. We has also seen how Twitter and Youtube have helped people like Obama or Joustin Bieber win the hearts of millions. Not to put them on the same weight though. And just now, a newer social medium that is Instagram (strictly speaking they are not new, younger I guess), have also create their own impact towards our very own world.

For you who are lucky enough not to get this news on Timeline, Mrs Yudhoyono that is the first lady of Indonesia (a very lovely country) has been mocked and heavily over discussed around Facebook and absurd “news” website such as the D one or the T one. So the hottest news at the moment is that her majesty’s Instagram is apparently still operates on normal terms despite of the flood crisis that happened. Not only that, she also made a very dimwitted and mind bending comments towards an equally mindless civilians. Her PR department must have shit bricks the moment she made those comments (I doubt she had one though, if she does, and their PR department read this piece of shit that I call my writings then you should go back to your school and ask for a refund you mindless piece of poo).


First of all, this is for you my friend, the Indonesian public, the “news reader”, IT IS NORMAL for a politician especially high figured people to have their own social media account. Obama has one, and he won an election because of it. I grant you that his use of social media is very smart. Genius even. But to mock any politician (or even politician wife in this matter) for the reason of only having one is like mocking a Hollywood artist for doing a nude scene.

I grant you that the timing of her post is moronic and the content and the comment, it was all a recipe for disaster (a PR disaster). That, combined with the images that his husband currently have, and the images of her son, among many other shit that her family are going through at the moment, is like the nail in the coffin that is her public image. What she should have done is to play it slow, show some compassion, solidarity towards the victim, make some charity movement from his already famous account or something like that, not a satirical comments.

But I think the idiots here are the people who even have the time to criticise her action (exhibit A: me). I mean come on people, she is the first lady, what can she do to help them? Make a tea for the president? Shake your hands? She has no power whatsoever to help the victims. Okay she probably has some money to donate, but then what? That’s the furthest that she can go. She can’t ask the President to give the government money to the victims. They can’t afford that. They have bills (and corruptors) to pay. I think the fact that you have the time to attack her through the social media shows that you can’t do anything better than her. What you just did is to bring your desperation and channel it towards her. That is it, nothing more. And correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it just the same as what she does? And look, that is her Instagram account, or twitter or whatever, what are they there for ? what can we do with that social media thingy ? something noble? i don’t think so. It is purely another form of entertainment media industry that is disguised as a social media. An answer to the question of why she even bother to make one after all is a totally different matter. But hey, everybody has hobbies right ?

What happened is that the “news” media that are trying to sell whatever it is sell-able has just consumed you. And they just used that opportunity to light a big fire from an unimportant little shit that they call “scandal”. You just gave them some money, that’s all. If you think that you just raised people awareness towards how the government doesn’t treat the victims, then God help us to smack your little dumb face and remind you that you didn’t. She has no significant power towards the government whatsoever, she has no power to help the flood, she can do nothing. None at all. What you just did is giving the media or the so called “news” company some of your precious little money.

Same thing also applies to your many critics towards the government via the news media.

We are just a money squirting cows that rich people use to get richer.


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