The Book of Mormon

Sometimes what you believe in isn’t always right. In fact, sometimes you don’t even know why you believe in things, you just do.

Various emotion, folklore, stories, experience, whatever it is that you’ve been through were sort of blended together creating this sense of beliefs in you.

love, relationship, God, religion, Ideas, social groups, anything.

We are always encouraged by our own nature as human being to just believe in something, doesn’t really matter why, you just have to.

Pick a side, or you’re inhuman.

Whatever creation it yield, these belief that we hold on to everyday, is affecting every single things that we do.

071209_p8_cartoon Book of Mormon

Its only a few days ago when i was just sitting around with my headphones on, listening to  john mayer thinking about whatever it is that happened to me when this person poked me and started a conversation with me.

First of all, who does that? who poked a person with a headphones on? that should be illegal.

Anyway, we talked for few minutes until she asked whether i believe in God, well i kind of see where this conversation was going anyway, especially when she introduced herself as sister something.

Basically she introduced me to this christian church that is supposedly different from the catholic church that i usually go to. well don’t get me wrong, they believe in Jesus and everything, but somehow their story about jesus is different. They don’t use the bible, they use this book called the book of mormon. i don’t really know what the differences are, i really don’t, probably in their stories jesus can water bend or something.

Point is, i am staggered by the many ways of believing in Jesus. Catholic, Orthodox catholic, Christian, Protestant christian, Betel christian, Anglican, and hundreds other. And this is just about Jesus, if we broadened the spectrum to the context of God, there will be countless beliefs out there.

I don’t want to discuss about which religion is right or wrong, nor do i want to tell you what to believe in. hell i only use the mormon experience case just to illustrate the rivalry between religions in this unique universe of ours. i mean, the amount of religion is to damn high now. And even when me myself a catholic, a Jesus believer, was talking to a fellow Jesus believer only with a tiny bit different way of expressing it, they still want to conquer me like the fire nation in the avatar series and makes me turn into their church.

For what ? why do we have to only choose on way of  believing ? is it the money ? the power ? the awesome chance to say the high number of followers ?

I just do not understand why people are so concerned about the way the express their beliefs.

I don’t want to discourage people to believe in one thing, cause when they do and it work out for them, it can be one of the most beautiful thing in the world.

But why force other people that don’t really want to care about it, or are as gullible as a rabbit to believe in whatever ways of life you’re living in?

Just let people decide what they want to do by themselves. and if you are confuse, then just let yourself lost for the meantime, getting lost is the first step of finding closure.

And if you are one of those people who are trying to make others into part of your religion, beliefs, or whatever it is you call it just because your higher rank say you have to and the people you’re talking to are as dumb as a donkey that they can’t make up their mind, think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. If after that you still think that you need to do it, then go fuck yourself.

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