The contemporary innocence of media impacts

I remember ten years ago, as an innocent kid watching all the  cartoon i love on the television.

not knowing that at the same time, i’m also consuming these bunch of ads and cultural messages that are slowly but surely getting into my head and shaping what later known as the cultural norms.


The power of what we watch, what we read, and what we listen to then, is not something that we can consciously understand.

Evolution hasn’t teach us enough to have this innate filter of messages from technological devices that we blatantly accept whatever it is that we consume.

Our self defence system from these new aspects of our life is very limited that we only have two kind of primitive responses.

withdrawal and approach.

it seems that we fail to develop systems that are more complicated than our own olfactory systems that we can only separate within what look seemingly good and what not.


we approach attractive contents, good movies, enjoyable musics, inspiring readings.

and withdraw from contents that what the society describe as defiant such as whatever Miley Cyrus are doing at the moment, violence, or whatever it is that are perceived as taboo by the society.


It is only to that extent that most of use can operate inside this new globalised and contemporary media culture.

we amazingly know nothing about the media culture and yet act as if we already fully adapted to it.

there are not much figures whose been asking and criticising the media that are seen as important as Darwin or Einstein.

Figures such as Habermas that scrutinise media’s ability is not seen as having the same important presence as those science geeks.

well, its social science after all.


But like it or not, media hold quite an important key on our everyday life, and it is quite frankly scary when you know what they are capable of doing.

the war, the australian prime minister, the global warming, the rise of mainland china, the americanisation of the world, it is all the outcome of media content.


our inability to perceive the hidden messages is the key to social empowerment of developing countries such as Indonesia.

Media contents often play with the idea of public dumbfounding the society by using cultural, religious, economical, and contents related to welfare.


it is really frustrating on how contents such as big brother can thrive and gain high ratings in the society that claims to be to smartest being on Earth.

while it is sometimes amusing, the objective of these shows are purely economical and/or political.

To let such powerful control fall into small bunch of is a madness.


it is not that we cannot resist such power, it is that we do not yet know the existence of such things

and i think that if we all realise the presence of such influence and have the guts the resist it, it is only a matter of turning off the box for a little while until the content become fairer.


we keep complaining on how society is getting worse, how our new generation are getting stupid and rash

we complain about miley, justin, honey bubu, inequality, capitalism, and whatever shits people are protesting at the moment.

but we fail to realise the one and only thing that actually make that happen.


i think it is only a matter of realising that we are being driven by some old bastards, resisting it, and finally taking over the steer to drive it to a better society.




on another note, i think this is one of the reason why those homeless people can always somehow smile after they finished acting grumpy ..


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