The modern pirates

As a media student, piracy and copyright laws are two things that are place under scrutiny more than other shits.

its not that other stuff is unimportant, but piracy provide such a unique relationship between content maker and audiences in the modern world that demonstrate both the premise and consequences of new media.

there are no other discourse in the contemporary social world that are such confusing and so grey that a determination of what is right or wrong seem to be impossible.


i mean people can either argue that gay marriage is wrong or right.

but with piracy, people can change sides depending on the argument they are hearing.

To be fair, i think its very hard to determine whether piracy is right or wrong, weather it is stealing, or its just another way to appreciate an artist.


with the stealing thing though, people always argue that you wouldn’t steal a radio would you, or a cd, or a TV.

but then again, its not exactly stealing when you download something from piratebay.

you just simply made a copy of what already exist in the real world.


to put it into perspective, say you have a really nice guitar.


somebody then came with this weird gun and shoot your guitar with it.

your guitar is fine, its still works, its still pristine.

but what happen is that the guy who shot your guitar just suddenly got an exact copy of yours.

he didn’t steal yours, he just simply made a copy of it.

only difference is that you spend money on your guitar and he didn’t

I truly believe that not all of us are money oriented.

otherwise humanity wouldn’t stand a chance.

well, we barely survive. one shutdown has started it.


And if people argue that you take the possible profit that the artist may get, thats just bull talking.

i remember vaguely that an artist only get 1/10 of the profit from their record company.

that 99 cent for every CD they sold.


and if you all remember, most of the band will say that they profit the most from tours.

i don’t know about other industry, but with modern marketing technique and stuff, i think product placement and endorsement are the easiest profit gate for content maker.

i mean, even a lousy documentary filmmaker like Morgan spurlock can raise around $1.5 million only from product placement and basically make a free movie from it.

and we basically already pay on the front with using the product that are advertise themselves in the movie.


i guess whats important is that we still respect whatever form of arts that we listen or watch.

ultimately, a great artist just want to share their thoughts and works, money i think is just a supplementary things to help them continuing their works.

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