The Musical Emotional Correlation

So i’m writing this in the middle of a SWOT VAC period, in the middle of John Mayer’s abbey session stream from youtube, trying to do as much as i can to not do what i am supposed to do right now.

by the way, i’m starting to change the alignment of this blog. just because.


Anyway, let’s talk about music.





One of the most common thing that people talk about, that strangers talk about, is musical taste.

its one of those moment when you just met somebody, you can barely remember their name, you’re desperate for a text message to distract you, a fire, an earthquake, anything that will save you from that awkward silence.

then one of you just decided to fuck it all and ask that question, “anyway, what kind of music do you like?” or something along that line.

then no matter how much you like it, both of you will talk enthusiastically about some random music just so you have something in common to talk about.


i never rarely meet somebody who truly loves music.

people usually just say they love something just because i say i listen to it.

well of course some of my friends are in love with this music or that music.

but nobody ever really appreciate music as a whole.

as in, people can like the beatles but not the biebers.

not that i supported him, hell no.

but then again, the differences in music is just the variation of the chords they use.

well those music scholar will kill me when they read how ignorant i am in saying what i just said.


but still, people seem to ignore one music and enthusiast about another music.

why ?

i mean what so special about it ?

why does this music became more important than the other ?


I think one thing about music is that it is the only form of art that can reach easily to your emotion.

well a film can, series can, a book can also, but music has this x factor that provides an immediate effect towards your emotion.

i guess it have something to do with your ear being close to your brain and you perceived it faster.

but its this instantaneous effect that you get from listening music that makes it so addictive and yet so distinct in between one another.


Its a case of me listening to the corrs and remembering what i did in the car when my mom and my sister was singing to it when i was just about 10 years old.

or when i listened to westlife next to my father on the way to the church when i was 12.


music has that power to bring you the immediate emotion you may have and memories you may also have about it.

its just magical that some of them are just way to special to be ignored.


not to mention the personality of the performer that provides another variable on how you relate to the tune.


i guess that is why you hate one music and love another.

thats because music is alway emotional, music can never be separated from your feelings.

you listen to what you want yourself perceived to be.

thats why everybody listen to The Beatles.

cause the honesty, the sense of ordinary, the real life in their work is just remarkably relatable to anyone.


and that is why you don’t like nowadays song singing about a Chinese food  or ordinary day, cause you perceive it as something unimportant and to think something in that way is stupid for you.


i don’t know what i’m talking about anymore now, i just want to write something about music, and you know, procrastinate.


oh and it doesn’t only work with music.

i think movies and other form of art do have the same power and works exactly in the same way

difference is only that they don’t have as immediate effect as what music has.






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