The Operant Conditioning Quandary

In the first half of my uni life, my tutor asked my class to write an essay about biological determination versus the social one

that got me thinking

well of course, cause i have to write an essay about it

but i mean a deeper sort of thinking

the main problem with humans and their believes is that it always resolved around those two things

especially when it comes to religion and intelligence

on whether we should do something because of our culture and religion

or because some geeky scientist found something interesting in their lab

being an unbeliever on many thins, and having written that piece on possibilities

i never personally believe in one side of the table

but problem is, many people do

many people tried to hold as tight as they can to the table and defend it like its their only bread of life

and now let’s talk about the one side of the table

the social side

the culture side

the tradition

God’s side

A lot of people believe that whatever we do is determined by whether God perceive it as right or as wrong

there are this thing called heaven and hell

not the empty room in between

well theres purgatory in some religion but they are there for not long (or not)

we were brought up to believe that whatever we do is monitored (creepy much)

and whatever it is that we do, we need to represent and show our believes

we cannot make it look bad from our behaviour

we need to wear a certain things

do a certain rituals before we do our daily stuffs

go to some fancy building and donate some money every once in a week or so

and celebrate their big day

its almost seems like one religion is competing with another when it comes to a celebration of their “religious” day

but it doesn’t stop with religion

tradition also dictate us to act in a certain way

how to walk

how to talk

how to smile

how to laugh for God’s sake

is determined by our culture

by the elder of the suburbs

we live under this hall full of camera

with each of them looking at us and shine at us every time we behave “insurgently”

from when we were just a kid learning to ride a bike

until we are an adult waiting for their death

people will still scrutinise each and every one of our activity

its like our life is a long course of operant conditions research and we are the mouse

with the society being the geeky scientist giving us food every time we behave correctly

but when we behave in an “unacceptable” manner, we get electrocuted


But is that the only way that we can interact to the society ?

are we stuck with it ?

should we just give up on what the society tell us to do

or can we still do whatever we want ?

and be whatever we want to be ?

being an Indonesian, living in a fairly conservative family with a very conservative uncle

i think the answer has to come down to each and every one of us

this difficult situation we are in

this uncertainty

is only there because we think to much about it

because we alway put ourselves in their shoes and judge ourselves with it

what the society does

what people does

is to judge

there are no changing it

but ultimately there are only two thing you can do with your life

do something great

or not doing something great

and it is when you can take your own step and do something great for yourself

is when you show them how traditions and culture is not that restricting as they think it is

culture and traditions is part of an identity

but what makes somebody someone is what they do to themselves


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