The Art of Possibilities

During the course of my life, i’ve met a whole lot of a different people

which means a whole lot of different opinions

Different beliefs

me myself has never been a big believer on anything since i moved to Melbourne in 2010

i grew up in a very traditional Indonesian Catholic culture and never had any chance to choose on what i believe

even stuff related with life, the kind of things i should do

i was kind of raised to be this believer on one “right” way of life

Having the privileges to live with myself, to have a think about anything basically change my view on everything





As free as we can be, like it or not, we live inside a box

some live inside a very small conservative box

some live inside a really big box

but no matter what size the box is, there are always a limitation on what is right or what is wrong to believe at and to do

there are almost never a time when someone steals and society perceive it as acceptable

chances are, whoever they are, they’ll get punished

I don’t know why, but it seems that a civilisation which was once very critical and open to any new possibilities has become this really thick bunch of people who don’t care about it anymore

It was more than two thousand something years ago when the Greeks teaches us about possibilities

about discovering something new and admitting that what we believed might be wrong

Their God changes all the freakin time

To be fair, the changes wasn’t all of a sudden

but like it or not, the pace slowed down

I guess with the invention of power by the Roman empire

everything change

with people racing to earn respect, money, and position

using whatever means available





Humanity then, are divided into groups of people believing in these different means

with the final outcome of one groups or even individual rule the other

there are never this moment since the roman empire that two forces stand side by side respecting each other without any deceive

it seems that the humanity we once were are already corrupted with this concept of power

the concept of ruling everything

are we doomed ?

well not exactly

there are still a point in our life when we don’t have any particular beliefs

it is when we started growing up when we are corrupted by these different groups of beliefs that our parents taught us

I think our best bet is scepticism

asking questions

doubting stuffs that people say

criticising every single action that people do

assessing the condition from various perspectives

looking at different possibilities

i truly believe that there are never a right answer on anything

there might be at the moment

but its just till the moment that somebody find something new

we can always be sure on one thing

but we can never be sure on the detail of how that thing happen

why that thing happen

the purpose of the thing happening

the beginning of that thing

et cetera

et cetera

we used to believe that the earth was flat

till somebody found that it isn’t

we used to believe that the earth is the centre of the universe

until somebody discover that apparently we are just a tiny little planet on a very very VERY huge universe

we can never be sure on anything

and yet, people still stuck with the belief that things can be certain

like God exist

and God doesn’t exist

or religions is true

and religion is wrong

or democracy is right

and republican is wrong

or communism

or marxism

or whatever shit people shout about on the street

point is, people never see something in different possibilities

we are not trying to think that democracy and communism has their own different trueness to their principal and one can be right in one condition and wrong at different conditions

we always think that communism is wrong whatever the condition is and democracy is right

always right

even when the people are catastrophically stupid

same goes with religion

one thing and one thing only can be right while the other has to be bullshit

there is never a chance for a guy to believe in two religion

we are taught to believe in one thing

that is why when even there are bunch of people create this thing called atheism

they acted like they are the smartest bunch of people in the world

not realising that they have made a religion of themselves

don’t get me wrong, i respect the Atheists

their ways of thinking and methods to disprove God’s existence are brilliant

but then again its such a shame that they only become another conservative bunch who tries to force a belief into somebody’s head

i guess what i’m trying to say is that

stop believing in one thing

try to see the different perspectives

the different possibilities

and find your own truth

don’t let anybody  control you with a freakin books

use the different book to find your own beliefs

anyway, here’s a video of a guy talking about chicken and egg

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