Let us glow .. in the dark ..

Theres something in life that you can’t just explain ..

love, compassion, feelings, hurts, whatever it is ..

it takes words, essays, months to understand those stuff

to heal from it, to learn about it to get to the point that you can just embrace it than suffer because of it ..

this feeling, you don’t find it everywhere. you can’t expect it. you can’t order it ..

sometimes you just get it on the way to the uni, or when you’re on the edge of the road sobbing about your life, or your love .. your destiny ..

well this song, this concert is one of those moment when you understand more about our fellow humans ..  the meaning of randomness .. the amazing thing about anonymity ..

to not care about who that person is, to just dance with them, to be together and just sing out loud .. to be a part of something big, made by not just you but together with those people .. for all of you ..

differences, opinion, races, are just what we perceived, its just what being afraid leads to ..

theres nothing scary in being a light of randomness .. shouting anything .. talking to anyone .. dancing in the middle of nothing .. it actually do teach you something ..

just let yourself glow in this fucking darkness ..


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