success (?)

Regarding life, people usually consider to much about it.

what they have to do, what they have to earn, what they need to be success.

People spent a lot of time considering whole lot different factors in life that are said can lead them to this so called “happy life”.

its suppose to be this squishy happy place where the background is bright and above you you can see a rainbow and sun dancing together to a christmas song with rudolf flying around them.

well truth is, for me, that is all a huge bull.

we are supposed to do a lot of shits, study, works, and other stuff which is fine. but then this evil character called “the society” come and tell us which field to study and which occupation to work at.

then we have to be a doctor, then we have to dissect a frog, then we have to handle this SPSS shits.

the premises are that we by the time we’re fluent in doing that, we can get a job that will give us this Ferrari, hot partners, and supposedly awesome jacuzzi.

well some people do like those shits, counting tax and stuffs.

but for me, its hell

then why in the world are they still badgering us on what to do ?

those judging eyes and comment when i say i’m a bloody media student.

those sarcastic comment that says i’ll end up in maces (while i’m already working in hungry jacks).

why is working in macas that bad ? at least you get to kill some people with this chemical weapon called “the oil & the chicken”.

society’s view on this shit has gone to far that when a poor girl tried to make money with her ass they badger her to be immoral (while prostitution is fine).

what is wrong and what is right is for us to judge right ? or is it not ? not anymore ? are we already on the stage that what the majority says are what we have to do ?

I remember back in january when i saw this performance back in my hometown.

the performances was mostly related to fairy tale, folk stories, and doll stuff.

they didn’t make much money, they are not even what the society consider “successful” or “smart” people

but despite that, you can see happiness in them.

you see the glimmer on their eyes, their smile, their passion, and you can see the love they put on what they do.

they might be old and not that rich, but the happiness, the love, the passion that they show cannot be found in any other people i’ve ever seen.

Blog boneka (1 of 1)

we have spent to much time worrying about what we want to be, what we should be, what we will be

that we forgot what we are

and what makes us happy

freedom is the best give the universe has ever given to us

then why would we gave it away to the society for this devilish thing called “money”


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